Deputized anti-obstruction barangay officials undertake training

BAGUIO CITY – Barangay officials deputized by mayor Mauricio Domogan to implement the anti-obstruction order recently underwent training on the basic and fundamental knowledge in traffic, different kinds of obstruction, procedures in the apprehension as well as detachment of plate numbers and all the functions stipulated under the city mayor’s Administrative Order No. 116, series of 2016.

Section 5, Article 2 of the 1987 Constitution which provides for the maintenance of peace and order, protection of life, liberty and property, and promotion of the general welfare, thus, there is a need to ensure the safety of those with mobility disability in the use of portions of the sidewalks intended for their use, thus, the local government should start prohibiting the parking of motor vehicles in front of curb cuts or obstructing such road and sidewalk sections for safety purposes.

Highlighting the training was the realization on basic traffic laws, rules and regulations; enforcement of Land Transportation rules and regulations; Presidential Decree no. 17 also known as the Revised Philippine Highway Act a amended; PD 1096 also known as the National Building Code; and the preparation and distribution of the citation ticket.

To reduce traffic congestion in the city, an anti-obstruction task force was created here that will clear national and local roads from obstructions to pave the way for convenient travel in the Summer Capital composed of personnel from Baguio City Police Office, Baguio District Engineering Office, City Engineering Office, Department of Transportation and Communication, Land Transportation Office that is empowered to take down license plates of illegally parked vehicles that obstruct the smooth flow of traffic along national and local roads.

ABC president councilor Michael Lawana emphasized the functions of the task force which is to “cause the removal of illegally parked vehicles, equipment, including junked items that are parked, occupying or protruding to the roads/streets, construction materials occupying right-of-way, such as sand, gravel, cement, lumber and steel bars, earth spoils, waste materials, debris, embankment, heaps and the like and all kinds of illegal structures such as houses, buildings, shanties, stores, shops, stalls, sheds, canopies, billboards, signages, advertisements, fences, railings, garbage, receptacles and the like obstructing city roads and streets in accordance with existing laws and regulations relative thereto.”

The city government is firm in resolving the worsening parking as well as obstruction along sidewalk and road problems in Baguio.

The 438 deputized barangay officials are now vested with their duty, responsibility and accountability to implement the measure.

Moreover, fines to be collected derived by the violations of the said law will be divided between the city and the barangays concerned on a 70% – 30% sharing scheme. /Jho Arranz


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