DFA Officials Scheming vs. Whistleblower

DFA Officials Scheming vs. Whistleblower

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Your rulers are rebels, partners with thieves…” (Isaiah 1:23, the Holy Bible).


FIND THE TOYOTA AVANZA AND ITS DRIVER: The power of social networking sites to report crimes is being highlighted once more by a series of posts in Facebook about an alleged hit-and-run incident involving a silver-colored Toyota Avanza SUV whose plate number is identified as UIQ 764.

The Avanza allegedly escaped after it ran over an unidentified young man who appeared wearing a school uniform, sitting on a sidewalk, with his head, face, and hands bloodied all over.

The incident, the posts by John Paul Escario and shared by other netizens indicated, happened in front of the Cypress Condominium in Taguig City. Netizens aired an appeal: please help find the Avanza and its driver!


DFA OFFICIALS SCHEMING VS. WHISTLEBLOWER: Here is another portion of the plunder complaint that Reynaldo Joson, the chief of the Hygiene and Sanitation Unit of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), accusing other top officials and ambassadors of the agency of misusing the P5 billion annual maintenance budget of the DFA for worthless and inoperable projects. Read on:

“Lately, complainant was assigned as the `Signing Officer’. (But) the new assignment turned out to be a TRAP, designed to find fault, to oust me from the service, for being a sort of an `agitator’ to (thwart) whatever plan/s that the `powerful respondents’ are working on against future budget/s.

“While (I was) assigned as the `signing officer’ at the passport section, respondents, particularly A/Sec Wilfredo Santos, accused me of unauthorized approval of passports without proper endorsement letters; unauthorized processing of 16 applicants for the period 27 January to 11 February 2014 who allegedly did not qualify for the courtesy lane, and falsification of public documents. What a flimsy charge.


NEW MULTI-MILLION PESO PROJECTS OF DFA LISTED: “Because of my threats to file a complaint with the Commission on Audit, Department of Justice, and/or the Ombudsman, respondents whisked the complainant to the administration department as a lowly messenger, delivering newspaper to different offices, within the DFA head office.

“During his recent assignment, complainant came to know of several DFA projects with a budgetary appropriation in the amount of Php77 million. These new projects to be undertaken, some of which have been partly paid, are as follows: supply and delivery of security inks in the initial (10%) amount of Php2,099,900.00 contracted by JURA JSPGMEH.

“Cost of the equipment in support of the electronic in the amount of Php1,669,252.00, contracted by the DFA Procurement Service; repair and rehabilitation of the storm drainage system, domestic/potable water system, sewerage system, fire hydrants; wet stand pipe and fire hoses of the DFA Building, in the amount of Php18,888,888.00 contracted by I.M. Bongar & Co. Inc…” More next issue!


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