Discipline, not a matter of military training alone

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart…” (1 Samuel 16:7, the Holy Bible).


DISCIPLINE, NOT A SIMPLE MATTER OF MILITARY TRAINING: Okay, alright, lawyer Ariel Joseph Arias has a point in his Facebook post that there is a need to revive the ROTC program for college students not only to instill discipline among them but also to foster good citizenship and love of country.

For who would not want disciplined children growing up to be disciplined citizens, especially in the midst of devilish kids and treacherous older men and women who can do even the most heinous of crimes at the flick of a finger?

The problem however is that instilling discipline is not a simple matter of school children going through a military-like training, for even those rigorously trained in a discipline-filled academy like the one we all know of from Baguio City have shown themselves to be quite capable of absolute lack of discipline, and even total treachery in raiding government coffers and stealing billions of pesos once they are in power!


TRUE DISCIPLINE COMES FROM KNOWING WHERE ONE GOES: True discipline comes only after people realize that at one point in their lives, the breath in their nostrils would be pulled away from them and would ultimately stop, causing all other organs inside their puny bodies to ground to a halt, leaving them dead, forever.

It is the realization of their ultimate destiny—which is death—that sends people to serious thinking about where they would possibly go after dying. If they believe in God, they would have to believe likewise that there are only two alternatives of their final destination, and these are heaven and hell.

Surely, 99% of every man and woman in this world know that heaven is the place where those who listened to, and obeyed, God would go, to spend the rest of eternity in blissful living with Him. On the other hand, the same number of people would also know that hell is the place where those who disobeyed and ignored God would go, to be burned in unending fire and being eaten by immortal worms.


DISCIPLINE FROM DEEPER SPIRITUALITY: My take is that, if we want true discipline to come among our people, we should re-introduce them to spiritually, and a deeper faith in God, no matter what they conceive Him to be, or whether He is called Jesus (in the case of Christians) or Allah (in the case of Muslims), or whether He is known by any other name.

We must teach our people that mankind, who is as wonderfully complex as anything else in this world could ever be, could not have been born merely out of an accident or of some senseless catastrophe, but by a grand design which only an Almighty and Intelligent Being could have planned and brought about.

We must tell man that he was brought into this world for a very special purpose, under various rules that must be obeyed and complied with faithfully and sincerely. When we obey those rules, the promises contained in them will be given to us, in this world and in eternity. When we disobey, we reap the punishment that have been promised in them right from the start!


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