Domogan authorized barangay officials to protect their own jurisdiction from vandalism

BAGUIO CITY – The city government here is firm in the campaign against graffiti and vandalism in this mountain resort.

It is reported that the inventory of graffiti and vandalism conducted by the members of the anti-task force show that violations of the code are all committed within the jurisdiction of barangays.

It is for this reason that punong barangays and members of the barangay council in the city of Baguio are designated as guardians and protectors against graffiti and vandalism in their respective barangays through Administrative Order No. 020 of mayor Mauricio Domogan.

The campaign is anchored on the city’s ordinance no. 41, series of 2008 also known as the Anti-Graffiti Code of the City of Baguio which mandates the cleaning of the city graffiti and vandalism in both public and private property.

Also, administrative orders no. 187 and 38 created respectively a management committee to oversee the implementation of the code and a task force to implement the approved Anti-Graffiti Operations Plan of the code which includes membership of the task force, barangay district coordinators and punong barangays.

In the recent order, “efficient and effective governance, in pursuance of the general welfare of the barangay and the residents, the punong barangay and all members of the barangay council shall enforce all laws and ordinances applicable in their respective jurisdictions”.

Domogan said the manifestation of support by representatives from both the government and private sectors is vital to the cause of the revitalized campaign to stop the worsening problem on vandalism.

Violators will be penalized with fines ranging from P1,000 to P5,000 and imprisonment. Community service will also be employed as penalty for violators./Jho Arranz


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