Domogan Hopeful City Can Still Mount Proper Tribute to Flavier

Domogan Hopeful City Can Still Mount Proper Tribute to Flavier

Volume XVIII No. 5 (November 8-14, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan on Wednesday expressed hopes the city can mount its own tribute to the late former senator Juan Flavier, a Baguio boy who served as benefactor to many of Baguio’s crucial infrastructure, medical and education facilities.

“No amount of acclaim can measure up to the debt of gratitude that our city owed the late senator but it is my fervent desire that in our own little way, we can still give him a proper tribute that he rightfully deserved from the people of Baguio,” the mayor said.

The mayor led a small city contingent to Flavier’s wake last Sunday where they rendered a small tribute to the late senator through testimonials and songs.

“But it would be better if we can give him a bigger and more appropriate tribute where our people can pay their last respects to our beloved senator,” the mayor said.

During the wake, the mayor conveyed to Flavier’s family the people’s wishes to bring his ashes to the city for homage and the family gave no assurance but said that they will consider the possibility.

City Hall and the Baguio City National High School where Flavier finished high school had the Philippine flag flown at half-mast beginning Monday to mourn his passing.

The city council on Monday approved a resolution also to honor the late strongman.

Flavier, 79, succumbed to pneumonia last October 30 and his remains were cremated last Tuesday.

He was a popular and respected public servant who initiated effective health programs and championed rural medical service throughout his stint as health secretary.  As a senator, he was known for his integrity.

“No one can question his honesty, simplicity and humility,” Domogan said of the diminutive leader.

Domogan said that during his stint at the Senate, Flavier allocated more than one-third of his senatorial initiative fund to the city to finance various crucial projects of the city among which the construction of the city’s biggest drainage system from athletic bowl to the Magsaysay sinkhole which relieved the city’s flooding problem, the Baguio Health Department building, improvement of facilities at the Baguio General Hospital, gymnasium and school buildings at the city high and other schools.

He was also responsible for the construction of 27 comfort rooms all over the city and the concreting of many roads including Leonard Wood and Brentwood roads.

Flavier was born in Tondo, Manila but grew up in Balatoc, Benguet and in Baguio.  He was valedictorian of his class at the city high./A Refuerzo 


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