DPWH-CAR proposes P3 B for Kennon Road slope protection


Engineer Arnold Dacwag presents an updated plan for the rehabilitation of Kennon Road during the CRDRRMC – Kennon Road Task Group meeting at the OCD-CAR in Baguio City.(RMC- PIA CAR)

– The Department of Public Works and Highways – Cordillera is proposing more than P3 billion for the slope protection of Kennon Road to ensure safety of motorists and residents.

DPWH-CAR Engineer Arnold Dacwag presented an updated plan for the rehabilitation of Kennon Road with placement of various slope protection methods that are appropriate and are needed for the slopes and terrain of the different sections of the 34-kilometer Kennon Road.

During the recent Cordillera Regional Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Council – Task Group Kennon Road , Dacwag presented that as of August 2019, there are 21 critical sections along Kennon Road covering Baguio City and Tuba, Benguet that need the proposed more than P3.7 B funding.

Of the 21 critical sections, at least 14 sections have been identified as first priority or areas that need immediate action due to the imminent danger while the seven sections are in the second priority.

Dacwag explained that the critical areas need rock netting with slope trimming, retaining walls, crib walls, and soil nailing. These slope protection interventions which are being done in some portions of Kennon Road and other road networks in the Cordillera ensure stability of the road terrains.

He added that at least five sections of the first priority areas need bigger intervention such as building of rock sheds because of the perceived rock mass that tend to erode.

Dacwag said that these slope protection measures do not necessarily make Kennon Road into an “all-weather road” but this would make Kennon Road as a safer road for residents and non-residents who would be passing the scenic road.

Of the proposed more than P3.7 B proposed funding, at least P640, 000 has been funded and to be implemented this 2019 which includes rock netting with retaining wall and slope trimming.

Aside from the immediate slope protection methods for Kennon Road, Dacwag presented another future proposal for the road line which is the building of series of tunnel and bridges with a length of more than 19 kilometers estimated at P38 B.

Meanwhile, during the CRDRRMC- Task Group meeting, CRDRRMC Chair OCD-CAR Regional Director Albert Mogol presented the Task Group Kennon Road to Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong and explained the role of the task group which aims to provide a framework for cooperation among member agencies for a safe and efficient movement of road users along Kennon Road through well-coordinated administration and regulation of access and incident management activities

Mogol said the various member agencies signed a memorandum of understanding that provides the role and commitment of each agency and LGUs down to the barangay level for the implementation of the serious control of vehicles passing through Kennon Road.

During the meeting, DPWH-CAR Regional Director Tiburcio Canlas reminded that Kennon Road is open to residents only and remains closed to non-residents as recommended by the Task Group. (JDP/ RMC- PIA CAR)


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