DTI Orients Procurement Officers on Trade and Industry Regulations

DTI Orients Procurement Officers on Trade and Industry Regulations

VOL. XVIII, NO. 6(Nov. 15-21)

BAGUIO CITY – The Department of Trade and Industry advised that before buying products, check the accreditation markings first to ensure that these are quality and safe products.

In an orientation on trade regulations for government procurement officers last November 6 here, DTI Standards officer Danilo Fontanos stressed that in buying locally made products, there should be Philippine Standards (PS) license which can be checked through a PS Quality Certification Mark or PS Safety Certification mark, which refer to a product’s conformity to product quality and safety standards that usually appear on the product itself or on the product’s packaging.

The Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) issues the PS license to a manufacturer whose product has successfully complied the requirements of Philippine National Standards. With the license, the manufacturer affixes the PS Mark on his product or product package, Fontanos added.

On the other hand, in buying imported products the public should check for the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) mark which attests that a certain imported product is covered by the mandatory PNS.

Fontanos said that the BPS/DTI issues the ICC to an importer whose product has successfully complied with the requirements of a PNS. With the clearance, the importer affixes the ICC Mark on his product or product package.

He further stressed that products without these necessary licenses should not be distributed in the market therefore consumers should be careful not to buy them.
He called on all manufacturers, retailers and distributors to check on their products first before they put it on sale for the public.

According to DTI-CAR Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Division Chief Samuel Gallardo, the orientation aims to provide government supply officers with applicable knowledge in product standards, shop accreditation, contractors licensing and warranties.

At the end of the activity, the participants signed a pledge of commitment to abide by existing fair trade laws and regulations and consistently undertake the following:
Avail and procure products covered by mandatory standards that have complied with the following Product Standards Law: Bearing the required identification and product markings (PS Quality Mark and/or ICC); Verified Import Commodity Clearance issued by the DTI/BPS; and Bearing required logos and other markings.

They also pledged to avail only the services of Repair Shops that are accredited by the DTI, Check on the labeling requirements of goods purchased, assert the delivery of warranties that accompany purchased products/services, when needed, engage only the services of Contractors duly Licensed by the PCAB and be vigilant, as a consumer in order to protect the interest of constituents./JDP/MAWC- PIA CAR


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