Duterte confirms his gov’t submits to God

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Holy Father, you have given me your name…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in John 17:11, the Holy Bible).


DUTERTE’S SONA CONFIRMS HIS GOV’T SUBMITS TO GOD: To me, the most important part of President Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 25, 2016 was his recognition that his government will never be separated from God. Addressing the spiritual heads of different religious group, he said: “… I believe quite strongly that there should never be a separation between God and State…”

This to me was greatly significant for a number of reasons. First, it indicates that despite Duterte’s tough-talking ways and radical approaches to solving the problems of illegal drugs, corruption, and criminality, which could often encourage extrajudicial killings, he is a man who submits himself to God, amenable to seeking and applying His principles in governing the country and its people.

In short, Duterte is a man who has a healthy faith in the Almighty, who does not shirk nor shy away from publicly acknowledging that faith, unlike almost of his predecessors who leave out belief and faith in God in many of their pronouncements. I am quite confident now that despite many shortcomings, Duterte has the Spirit of God in him, which is the main ingredient of good and efficient leadership. Mabuhay!


WHAT IS THE TRUTH, DELOSO, EBDANE? Can a provincial govenor, like former Zambales Governor Hermogenes Ebdane Jr., sell vast areas of land in his province to foreigners, like the Chinese, and allow them to use the land as a reservoir for weapons like missiles or nuclear bombs? This is a question that is now nagging many, after incumbent Gov. Amor Deloso raised an alert in an interview with media.

The clear answer to this, based on the news accounts that appeared in Facebook, is no, lands in our country can never be sold to any foreigner. Then, it is also clear under the 1987 Constitution that no nuclear weapon can ever be allowed in any part of our country. If Deloso’s accusations (see http://tankler.com/mayor-deloso-claims-chinese-military-presence-in-sta-cruz-6882 and http://www.manilatimes.net/zambales-gov-belies-chinese-presence/275937/) are true, criminal cases await the responsible officials.

Now, I am calling upon both Ebdane and Deloso to submit themselves to public questioning and clarify whether there is any truth to this matter. It is not just a violation of the Constitution that is at state here. The safety and well-being of the entire country, which can be obliterated in seconds with even a mere erroneous pushing of nuclear buttons, are compromised.


STARTING PRAYERS WITH THE NAME OF GOD: A closer reading of the Holy Bible will show that in Isaiah 41, there is a prophecy by the Prophet Isaiah that a “man” will be called by God from the east and who will be allowed by Him to achieve victory and success over kings and princes. The distinguishing characteristic of that “man” is the manner by which he prays to God.

This “man” (who I believe is actually a group of believers led by their leader), “will call on my name”, says God, as stated in Isaiah 41:25. This is significant, especially if we consider that during the time of Isaiah, there was no specific name yet by which God was called. Yes, He was already referred to as “Yahweh” or by some other Name, but it is only in the New Testament that God’s name was clearly identified, and that is Jesus.

So, is there a group which, when its members pray, starts off with the Name of God, right away? Yes, there is, and this is the “Philippine-born” Anak ng Diyos Kadugo Ni Kristo (AND KNK, or the Children of God Blood Kin of the Christ) Church, whose prayers begin and end with the Name of God. This group says, “O Jesus, our God and Savior, You who are our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. More of this next issue.


PLEASE LISTEN: “Ang Tanging Daan” (The Sole Way): a Bible study and prayer session online could now be heard, 24 HOURS a day, in the Philippines and the world at www.facebook.com/angtangingdaan or www.facebook.com/ANDKNK (and look for “Ang Tanging Daan” broadcasts). Phone: 0922 833 43 96, 0918 574 0193, 0977 805 9058. Email: batasmauricio@yahoo.com.


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