Duterte: “I believe in God”

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge…” (Proverbs 62:8, the Holy Bible).


SALVATION AND REDEMPTION FOR ARIEL, AFTER HE ACCEPTED JESUS: I posted this in Facebook, about Barangay Centro, Ramos, Tarlac Bgy. Captain Ariel L. Mauricio, my brother who was slain treacherously by two motorcycle-riding men who wore hoods and helmets in a morning attack in Paniqui, Tarlac on June 14, 2016: “ `Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life…’ (John 3:36, the Holy Bible).

“September 28, 2016 would have been another celebration of the gift of life that God gave you on September 28, 1962, were it not for the bullets that were treacherously pumped into you by assassins who were cowards they had to hide their faces with helmets, clearly on orders of the masterminds who thought they could take the life of others without receiving God’s penalty for their murderous sins.

“Rest well, Ariel, and wherever you maybe right now, be assured of God’s salvation and redemption for your soul, for you believed in, and accepted, Jesus as your God and Savior, and that, really, was quite enough.”


DID DUTERTE REALLY QUESTION GOD’S EXISTENCE? Now, did President Duterte really mean to question the existence of God during his speech before Malacanang journalists and press photographers and cameramen? Media accounts the day after said Duterte contested the existence of God, proving that he was someone who didn’t believe in God.

For the enlightenment of everyone, Duterte, in that same speech, emphasized he truly believes in God. What he meant to say was that, every Filipino who had been professing his faith in God actually did not have God at all. To me, Duterte was simply echoing what we have been saying in this column all along.

What have we been saying here in this column for so long a time now? That many Filipinos who say they believe in God are fake believers. Though they voice out their faith in God daily, God is not really in them. The proof is that many continue to be sinful, to be godless, and lacking in good manners and right conduct.


“DEATH PENALTY INEFFECTIVE BECAUSE IT WAS NOT IMPOSED”: And so everybody can appreciate what Duterte truly said before Malacanang reporters, photographers and cameramen, let me reproduce here a portion of his speech which Vic Somintac, the Malacanang reporter of radio station DZEC (1062 kHz) and who is my partner in the DZEC Mondays to Fridays 6 am program “Tambalang Batas at Somintac”, sent to me by email.

Here was what Duterte said, unedited: “As a matter of fact, we never executed except Echegaray – and that’s about it. Eh kasi wala. Then I can simply say, hindi tumalab iyong death penalty noon kasi hindi in-impose. Every president along the way would just say: one, because of the Catholic Church; second, the bleeding hearts, because only God can kill.


DUTERTE: “I BELIEVE IN GOD”: “Ang problema niyan, I ask you, what if there is no God? So you allow the criminals, and yet because there is a God in all… karamihan sa atin dito, eh ngayon kung walang Diyos and we are here in this Earth, in this planet supposedly made by God? So where is now God?

“When a one year old—18 months year old baby taken from the mother’s arm, brought under a jeep and raped and killed. So, where is God? And in Syria, women and children and women who do not want to sex with the ISIS, they are burned. So, where is God? My God, where are you? I believe in God, but that is my perpetual question to him. Where were you when we needed you?”


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