Duterte needs the help of Christian pastors

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord…” (Ephesians 6:4, the Holy Bible).


DUTERTE NEEDS THE HELP OF CHRISTIAN PASTORS, PREACHERS: The Duterte government will need the help and cooperation of Christian pastors and preachers if it is to succeed in its moral recovery and values formation program nationwide, Deputy Secretary Peter Tiu Lavinia said Friday, October 21, 2016, during the Southern Mindanao Church Schools Conference of the United Association of Christian Educators of the Philippines (ASCEP).

ASCEP is the nationwide organization of some 350 or so Christian Born Again Churches which put up and are operating schools offering elementary and secondary education courses in the different parts of the Philippines. The courses are heavily punctuated with spiritual and righteous principles derived from the Bible.

It held its Southern Mindanao Church Schools Conference at the Grand Menseng Hotel on Friday in response to recent moves by the Department of Education, even under Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones, to prevent the Church schools from continuing with their operations, and to close them altogether.


MALACANANG HAS A BIBLE STUDY GROUP: Lavinia was one of the guest speakers during the Conference. A Born Again Christian in his spiritual affiliation, Lavinia underscored the fact that among the urgent thrusts of President Duterte since he was installed in power in June was to reform Philippine society through a nationalist cultural renewal, peace building, and moral recovery and values formation, programs.

Zeroing in on moral recover and values formation, Lavinia said that the President is contemplating on returning “good manners and right conduct” as a basic course for all Filipino students. He urged the formation of prayer groups among the citizenry, extolling in the process the power of prayers.

Lavinia disclosed that when he started working in Malacanang, he pushed for the organization of a prayer group among officials and employees of the Office of the President. “Yet I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is already a prayer group there, which is called the Office of the President Christian Fellowship,” he added.


CITY COUNCILOR OFFERS HELP TO CHURCH SCHOOLS: One of the speakers during the Conference, Davao City Councilor Pilar Braga, offered to help ASCEP fight the maneuvers of certain officials of the DepEd against its members. Braga said she will submit to the City Council a resolution which will endorse to President Duterte the current plight of Church schools.

Braga noted that there is now a need among our people, especially the youth, to delve more into spirituality through the Word of God, the Bible, and constant prayers, since there is a pervading evil everywhere. She disclosed that one of her projects as a councilor of Davao City was a regular Bible study and prayer session among the different villages in the city.

She was helped in this endeavor by Davao City Christian pastors and preachers led by Bishop Balmis Yao. Braga said she is set to pursue this project once more, even if she declared her commitment to help, in whatever way she can, to make ASCEP Church schools fulfill their mission to teach spirituality and righteousness among the Filipino youth.


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