Duterte’s Millions – Use Your Common Sense, unless…?!

When people, and I am referring to the Penoy-Roxas-LP administration party resort to such low handed black ops like letting their hatchet man Senator Trillanes engage in such low life handed demolition propaganda like going out on a limb to claim that Duterte has billions at BPI is simply an act of extreme desperation. It is an absurd and laughable claim of Trillanes that has only further eroded whatever remaining credibility he has left. Why do I say this, here are my points:

How in the world was Trillaness able to secure such sensitive supposedly confidential information covered by Bank Secrecy Laws showing all those accounts in the name of Sara and her father Rody (joint accounts) in all those accounts mentioning Millions of pesos? So if the information is true and presumably or rather obviously someone from BPI leaked out the information, what happens now to the sacred and highly esteemed bank secrecy and confidentiality? Will the Zobel de Ayalas simply let something as damning as this come to pass? And will we not see a denial and/or someone’s head or heads put on the chopping block with such a bank secrecy fiasco? Something as serious as this could lead to major losses for the bank brought about by depositor/investor confidence loss in the bank. That is why in the evening news on April 28, Duterte challenged Trillanes to go under oath and first execute an Affidavit on how he came across such information and after doing so that is the time papatulan siya ni Trillanes; otherwise, the whole point of Trillanes is one cheap shot demolition job. And to think that the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) was into it (you know what I mean). This paper may get into the act with this type of banner stories but with the PDI you’d expect that paper to have more class and want more. Jeeezzzz, the PDI is now certified to be in the same league as Bulgar, Abante and the like!!!

On the one particular account that Duterte admitted to own, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that we often give out our account number(s) to certain person(s) or casual business acquaintances as payment and/or remittance to our bank account(s) is common and normal. Simply put, getting one’s particular account is no big deal.

But then again, as my column title says “unless,” unless of course the release of the information was with the blessing of the Zobel de Ayalas then that’s another matter. An equation I hope not.

Why be afraid of a Duterte? Can this country sink any lower than it already has? What have we got to loose with a Duterte Presidency that we haven’t already lost? Desperate acts of black propaganda of this sort only re-affirms to me that Duterte is the man to beat and that we should give him a try. We have nothing to loose, but all to gain.



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