Education and Material Wealth

Many Filipinos agree that education is quite important. In fact, most parents say that it is the greatest wealth that they can give to their children. Most of all, many believe that it is the bridge that will lead them to a better life.

Because of these, parents work hard to ensure that their children are getting the quality education their child needed. In the urban areas, most parents will send their child to an exclusive or private school as they believe that their children can have a better learning in those kinds of school. They will sacrifice everything for the education of their child.

Apart from the material things they give for the child’s education, they are never tired of giving them advice. In their advices, they are very thorough in telling the child that education is the only thing that can make someone rich, and without education one would end up doing odd jobs and will be poor for the rest of their life.

Advices like this had instilled a different view to the child. It made the child think that having a lot of money is the only thing that makes life better. It made the child think that material things are the only thing that matters in life. It made the child view education as a treasure map to get a lot of money.

These are the mistakes most of us commit with regards to education. Education is not the sole factor in making someone rich. Hardwork, wits, and perseverance will make you rich. Education won’t lead you to a better life. It is you who can lead you to a better life. What education does is it widens our options and broadens our thoughts for the higher use of our hardwork, wits and perseverance.

So the next time we give advice to the children, we must tell them that they should study so they will have the right instrument when they will make the world a better place for all of us. They should study hard so they’ll have the chance to improve the quality of life for their generation. As young as they are, they must be able to see that life is multi-faceted.

That is the essence of education, improvement in all aspect of life.#


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