Efficient delivery of public services in city assured

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan assured the local residents and visitors that the city government will continue to delivery efficient and effective public service to them even with the start of the 45-day campaign period for the local elective positions relative to the May 9, 2016 general and automated elections.

Speaking before the 1,500-strong city government officials and employees during the Monday regular flag-raising ceremony, the local chief executive underscored the importance of efficient and effective public service to people transacting business with the different offices of the local government, especially in sustaining the trust and confidence of the public to the local government.

“We will not allow the campaign period to unduly disrupt the delivery of services to our constituents because service should be above our respective personal and political interests,” Domogan said.

Except for co-terminus employees and confidential staff, civil service laws, rules and regulations provide that career government officials and employees should not be engaged in partisan politics or else, they stand to face stiff penalties for violations thereof.

The city mayor said that he will not allow that the campaign period will affect how city officials and employees attend to the needs of clients visiting their respective offices because it is their obligation to provide them the needed service they deserve for their needs.

According to him, he will make it a point that all documents entering his office during the day will be signed and immediately released the next day just as what has been done by him during his incumbency as local chief executive.

He appealed to civil servants not to allow their respective political alignments to affect how they attend to people visiting their offices so that they will not be accused of politicking.

Domogan cited that local elected officials come and go but career officials and employees will be there to stay that is why they must do their job right even if they have their own candidates of their choice.

The mayor asserted that appointed career officials and employees should ream in loyal to the institution they are working for instead of being loyal to the persons who appointed them because it will be the image of the city government that will be affected once their performances will not be in accordance to existing standards.

He claimed the career officials and employees owe their positions to the public that is why they must continue to render efficient and effective service to the public in order to improve the overall image of the city government to the people they serve rather than it being affected by the luckluster performances of some officials and employees wanting to put the image of the local government down to advance the person and political interests of their supposed benefactors./By Dexter A. See


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