Experts urged to decide on color of Lion’s head

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan recommended the hiring of experts to make the appropriate recommendations on how to bring back the original color of the Lion’s Head along Kennon road, one of the premier tourist destinations in the city.

The local chief executive claimed the city is currently facing numerous problems that deserve the personal attention of local officials and that it is best for the local government to leave to the experts the decision on what will be the real color of the Lion’s Head.

“Everyone knows the color of a lion that is why it is not worthy to debate on what will be the real color that will be used for the Lion’s Head along Kennon Road. It is best to leave the matter to the experts so that we can concentrate on finding solutions to the city’s existing problems,” Domogan stressed.

Earlier, the Baguio City Host Lion’s Club signified its intention to change the current color of the Lion’s Head and bring back the colors black and yellow but the matter was brought to the local legislative body for the deliberation.

He said there is nothing wrong if the old colors of the Lion’s Head will be brought back but concerned stakeholders should be consultated to get their sentiments before the implementation of the plan of the Baguio City Host Lion’s Club considering that it has been the group that had been maintaining the tourist spot.

According to him, the Baguio City Host Lion’s Club should be given the discretion to implement whatever project that it desires to undertake in the said tourist spot so that it will continue to be a major tourist attraction in the city.

In fairness to the prestigious civic organization, Domogan, who is also a member of the Baguio City Host Lion’s Club, claimed there is a need for the group to be given the liberty to decide on what will be the applicable colors for the Lion’s Head to help in attracting more visitors. Earlier, the local legislative body invited representatives from the Baguio City Host Lions’Club, barangay officials of Camp 7, officials of the Baguio City District Engineering Office and the stallholders located around the Lion’s Head to hear their views on the proposal of bringing back the old colors of the Lion’s Head, however, only representatives from the barangay officials of Camp 7 and the City General Services Officer Romeo D. Concio appeared before the regular session of the local legislative body.

Domogan asserted the best people to decide on the matter will be the relevant experts as they will be the ones to also ascertain the type of paint that should be used so as not to allow the paint to immediately fade with the fast changing weather condition in the city./By Dexter A. See#


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