Extra- Rice Conundrum (Satirical analysis)

In these chaotic time, the Filipinos are trying everything they can to survive. Every step in their life is survival. We can’t figure out why for a very long time Filipinos have to suffer like this. The war in the south, the poverty in the cities and country side, the drug problem and more. The Filipinos are experiencing it all.

But the time has come for all this suffering to end. Thanks to a very intelligent lawmaker who conducted a thorough research. Alas! Her dedications paid off. She has now found out the very root cause of the problems we are having. We never had a clue that the root cause of our problem is in every household in the country. It is a part of our life since time immemorial.

It’s that white thing. That white sticky thing we call rice. It is the root cause of all the problem in our society. That is why our lawmakers is using much needed time ( a very valuable time ) to discuss about it. They are also willing to spend a lot of money, our money, to come up with the law about consuming this dreadful thing.

Thanks to this great effort by our lawmaker for sure the problems of the Filipinos about terrorism and everything will be gone now. We are very thankful that we have senators who prioritize the biggest problems in our country. Indeed they are God sent.


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