Fake Courage from Anonymity

In the field of print media, blogging, and social media, anonymity is more than common. Some use code names or pen names, and most people use other’s name and or fake name. The reason for doing this varies from person to person. With the growing rate of media killings in our country nobody can blame these journalists, amateur and professionals alike, for doing such thing.

It is not a hidden fact that using other names for anonymity has a detrimental effect in the field of journalism. It has given a false sense of courage to some writers that they can write whatever they want to write about without validating the facts which sometimes leads to destroying other’s reputation. Because of the fake courage they had behind anonymity, they can use vulgarity to discredit other people. This is one example of irresponsible journalism. The kind of journalism we have in this country. Of course I’m not saying all journalists in our country are irresponsible, but it is safe to say that most are.

Anonymity like I said has given coward people with fake courage which has resulted to the number of fake news we are encountering today. And as an amateur writer, I am so deeply affected by this. How can a person say that he is “Palaban” or courageous when he uses other people’s identity to write blogs? I know that at times writing exposé is dangerous but that is the definition of courage. Courage is doing something you believe is right despite the fears and worries you have. If you have substantial evidence to any disclosure, then there is no need for anonymity.

In the field of journalism, I admire the Tulfo brothers for exemplifying the true courage. They know what they are putting on the line when they go to work but that does not shake them off. All of us who are dabbing in this field should try to learn from their ways. Anonymity is needed but if we do it all the times you will find yourself abusing it. Thus, fellow writers let’s have the real courage of standing firm to what we are writing.#


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