>Fat Chance, Gamble Now !!! >No joke running for Elective Office!!!

I am always amazed, (and with a lot of admiration) every election season with most (not all) of our local candidates.

Running for public office is no easy feat. Some of these candidates started their informal campaigning as far back as some 2 years ago. I understand my fellow columnist Mr. Paken, will touch on the monetary benefit one may expect from public office at the local level. Nevertheless, even if in case some rich moron would choose to finance for my campaign, I will not agree as I would certainly not have the emotional stamina to do what a lot of these jaded-eyed candidates are doing. Simply put, politics is simply not in my DNA.

At any rate, I’d like to throw in my 2 cents worth and venture into a sensitive forecast, likewise throw in my unsolicited advise and off the cuff comments (abrasive as it may appear for some); however, this is not based on any survey but is simply based on basic stats and stock knowledge and information from previous elections (that is why we printed the election results for the years 1995 – 2013 in these past 2 issues, as they say numbers tell a story).

At this point, I will just comment on those running for Vice Mayor and City Councilors. Just take this with a grain of salt. It is also after all some kind of a test on whatever assessment abilities I may have (imagined at that).

I have classified the ranking for City Councilors in groups of 4. Let’s call them A, B, C, and D.

A stands for the incumbents and hopefully shoo-inns whose present concern is to outgun each other in terms of ranking.

Those in the group B are those who are likely to make it in the remaining 5 slots and possibly within the other borderline 5.

Those in the group C are the other borderline 5.

Those whose names are not mentioned in groups A, B, and C, there will be other elections.

I make this forecast in the spirit of fun and I certainly would not mind being wrong and when the time comes, those I did not mention at group A or B but made it into those two groups, I can only guarantee that I will buy you a case of San Mig lights with matching unlimited pulutan for us to partake with whatever kantiao or pangungutya or sarcastic remarks you may wish to dish against me. I will take it all in stride. Just that much I can guarantee.

GROUP A (this is not reflective of any forecasted rank, numbering is for purpose to quantify). The problem and concern of these guys is who will be number 1. We will note that two of this guys, Lean and Elmer were former number 1 Councilors, and surprisingly Manong Bungo was Number 2 last elections.

1. Manong Bungo Ortega
2. Lean Yangot
3. Elmer Datuin
4. Tino Olowan
5. Manang Elaine Sembrano
6. Peter Fianza
7. Joel Alangsab

GROUP B (this is not reflective of any forecasted rank, numbering is for purpose to quantify).

1. Manong Erdie Balajadia
2. Manong Bong Mandapat
3. Ron Perez
4. Arthur Allad-iw
5. Joderick Bautista
6. Mylen Yaranon
7. Benny Bomogao
8. Ed Avila
9. Jonathan Vergara
10. Benjamin Macadangdang
Mazo would have been included at Group B if he did not back out, if my information is correct.

1. John Gaerlan
2. Eric Ueda
3. Jojo Cabato
4. Jun Orca
5. Rudy Paraan

GROUP D – All those not mentioned in Group A, B, and C, do your homework.

My analysis is it is still Lulu Tabanda, the one to beat even though I have heard numerous comments that “kilala ka lang niya kapag eleksyon.”

Number 2 would be the gambler and smooth talking Edison Bilog whom I have heard also on numerous comments na “madali naman lapitan, pero ma –istir, puros salita lang.”

Number 3 would be Poppo Cosalan, who appears to have crafted some kind of a clean image (oh really???). Personally I just could never trust these pastor types who run for public office and indulge in traditional politics. No way. That is one reason I do not attend these Christian churches as most often the hypocrisy from these pastors and their ilk is just oozing, more so when one thinks he can in fact make an honest to goodness mix with being a Christian pastor and Political trapo. I tell you, it is easier for me to mix langis at tubig. Fool yourself. In fact, if faced with a life-and-death situation, I would rather put my trust with one of the inmates at the City Jail, the hardened criminals at that who at the height of anger made a dire mistake of committing a crime, (not the petty criminals). Most certainly not your run-of-the-mill pastor whose only claim to becoming a pastor is a couple of months or even years of academic training.

Number 4 – Fred Bagbagen, I intend to write the Comelec and ask them how they qualify nuisance candidates and how come it appears that none were considered as such in Baguio. That is my honest impression of this guy – a NUISSANCE CANDIDATE OR A COMIC CANDIDATE IF THERE IS SUCH. Let me venture hazardly and say that this guy will get at most 5,000 votes.

For the supporters of the above-mentioned candidates, feel free to get in touch and I will indulge you with more info.


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