Fencing of Asin property ordered

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan ordered the City General Services office and the City Assessor’s Office to work out the immediate issuance of the required tax declaration from the Tuba municipal government and the subsequent fencing of its property in Asin, Nangalisan, Tuba, Benguet to protect the property from further encroachments.

The local chief executive claimed the concerned offices must immediately do something to make sure that the local government will protect its interest over the property as there is the court order detailing the metes and bounds of the property that must be segregated from the mother title of the private owner.

“We should closely work with the Tuba muni cipal government to protect our property from further encroachments and for the city to be able to freely introduce improvements in the area in the future,”Domogan stressed.

Earlier, City Building Official Engr. Nazita F. Bañez complained that Tuba officials refuse to process the required fencing permit application of the city government because the city does not have the appropriate title to its property in the area and that there is no showing in the municipal assessor’s office that the local government has existing properties in Asin.

However, Domogan instructed the concerned offices to provide the Tuba municipal assessor’s office the pertinent court decision in favour of the city government which contains the survey of the city’s property with the subsequent filing of the request for the issuance of the tax declaration for the area.

Further, he also ordered the City General Services Office to already bid out the management of the Asin swimming pool so that the local government will have a partner in making sure that its property is protected aside from the guarantee of even a small income prior to the long-term lease of the area once the city is able to fully possess the property.

The City General Services office implemented the eviction order against Roger Sinot over the city-owned property but it was learned that he is still allegedly benefitting from the operation of the city-owned swimming pool, thus, the need to implement the fencing of the property and the eventual award of the management of the swimming pool to a partner that will guarantee the protection of its rights in the area.

He said the local government will firmly invoke its rights over the Asin property because it is one of its potential income-generating projects as added source of internally generated funds for development projects and improved delivery of basic services to the city constituents now and in the future.

He called on the concerned offices to make priority these actions over the property to spare the properties from encroachments. /By Dexter A. See#


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