Field of dreams? Or nightmares?

MY eldest apo, Rene III, turned eight last Monday; the nuke family met then in a field of dreams where he played relaxed beginners’ baseball. First time, he hit a single and scored a run, and the next, an extra-inning blast.(I chatted briefly with Kana-Haponesa-Pinay Akiko Thomson, who won four medals in the 1991 SEA Games, where we got 91 golds, I said. One less than Indonesia’s haul, she added.)

I played softball in my youth in the rice fields of Pasig, and at San Beda, in my AB years, we became intrams softball champs. Tres was saddened when the Cubs lost to the Indians in the last World Series. His Lola Dulce became a citizen of the Red Sox Nation. I have been a Yankee fan all my life.

Baseball we excelled in when I was young but basketball eclipsed it. Once competitive, in my youth, we no longer are, seduced by basketball, for which we are not built, while Japan has many besoboru major leaguers in the US. Not only in baseball have we lost our way. Why the talk now of suspending the Great Writ of habeas corpus? Even martial law! Susmariano! Has the new order been an abject failure?

And why do Digong and Bato not read the law, including PD 46 of their idol, Macoy, criminalizing receiving gifts? Bato does not seem to know or care that challenging to duels and instigating arson are also crimes.

Digong would pardon him anyway. Soon, litigants will be showering judges with gifts, at Christmastime and B-days and other anniversaries.(?) Bato is being singled out because he bragged about the illegal and unethical gifts. Madaldal.

Imee caused the end of Archimedes Trajano in 1977. Imelda occasioned the death of 169 workers in the Film Palace in 1981. Bongbong had a hand in secreting dollars, per Raissa Robles.

Imee, for whatever sins Manongs Eddie and Johnny committed during the dark years, the people forgave them on February 25, 1986 when they kicked your family out, to world acclaim. You headed the Kabataang Barangay in 1977, when, irritated atMapua by Trajano for asking a “foolish” question, you indicated your displeasure and your sikyus took him out literally, and he was found hours later, gone to a better world.

Which reminds me to say, ‘bye, Ronnie Nathanielzs, my friend, also gone to a better world (like my very able assistant, Jun Salonga, the other night, at 65). Thanks for letting Ninoy Aquino talk in Face the Nation on March 10, 1978. Makamandag at may asim pa talaga, as he, razzle-dazzled, on radio-TV, in that historic interview you hosted–with Teddy Owen and PocholoRomualdez as co-panelists–that for me would never be beyond easy recall. And Ronnie, you did not exploit your closeness to the Marcoses to enrich yourself.

Truth be told, I would not know if I could call Ronnie a friend. We hardly met. The last time I saw the decent fellow was when decades ago, we both were driving in Sucat in Parañaque and our paths crossed; we waved to each other amiably. His vehicle was not fancy and neither was mine; when I first drove it to enter Malacanang, the guards scratched their heads wondering whether to let me in: a Cabinet member driving by himself a Ford Cortina which was more masilla than green? Mgamaralitangtaga-lungsod, ha, ha. (The other evening, my ageing vehicle made tirik at EDSA. Again, cabs.)

The Marcoses Ronnie served, solemnly agreed with FVR in 1993, to bury Macoy immediately, in the Ilocos where he is adored. They reneged so that when one shakes hands with Imelda, Imee and Bongbong, he should count his fingers afterwards. Imee, FVR was unlike that other general, who, if told by your Pa to jump to his conclusion, would simply ask, “from what floor, Sir?”

I doubt that Macoy would be moved to the LMB within the year. If at all, the Supreme Court should wait for the human rights victims to be paid, from the billions it ordered the kleptocrats to return on July 15, 2003. Lesson for the youth otherwise is, when you steal, you steal big, so that you can run for high government posts.

A Macoy fan, PrezDigong, now, yes, talks of suspending the privilege of the Great Writ. Just an idea, it is said, but rhetoric has a powerful effect on human conduct. Does he admit by implication that his first five months have arguably been a disaster: state of lawlessness, chaotic traffic worse than ever (which he ignores as he is often in Davao or out of the country), EJKs, 49 to 1 peso to the dollar, rudeness towards many people, including Veep Leni, putting on line the Bataan nuke plant, suspending the Great Writ, investors getting antsy, the urong-sulong flip-flopping, e.g., firearms from the US, what to do with the Pinoy TNTs–deportables-deplorablesshould they have to come home–thanks to racist PrezTrumpongKangkarot, etc.? So ML?

No visa for the Chinese? Are we ready for their TNTs’ influx? My late wife would tell me that when she and her shop-till-you-drop sisters would be in Divisoria, they conducted business via calculators; the sellers knew no Tagalog but did good business with our buyers who believe that when-the-going-gets-tough-the-tough-go-shopping.

Change has indeed come. But, in what direction? Again, transformation? Or transmogrification?

I am asked whether I would revive my Dulce’s 1998 TV vow that if Macoy is moved to the LMB, she would ask her siblings whether they should move their Pa’s remains from there to Manila Memorial to join Mommy. I dunno as that is more their concern, not mine.

My best guesstimate is that Macoy’s transfer won’t take place this year. We are moving for reconsideration in another week. The praxis is for the Supreme Court to ask the other side to comment, which I trust would happen. Then it goes on leave for weeks for the holidays (not done when I was young when courts worked between Christmas and New Year). So 2017 it will be, particularly if the SC calls for orals in this cause celebre.

If the Marcoses are adamant, the transfer should not happen while the claims of 75,000 victims are being processed. So it may have to be in 2018, out of prudential considerations. An apology should accelerate the healing. The Marcoses can say sorry and regrets for the human rights violations that took place, without admitting personal culpability. Massive thievery and gross human rights abuse have been established by foreign and local tribunals anyway.

Our motions for reconsideration may not even be decided in 2017; for instance, in the Lenny Villa frat hazing case–he was killed on February 11, 1991–we are still receiving papers from the SC. The case was decided by the high court on February 1, 2012. We didn’t receive our copy of the denial of the MR until last April, well into the 26th year.

Easier to decide would be Bato de la Rosa’s acceptance of a humongous gift from Manny Pacquiao for him and his family. Round trip to America. Digong’s idol, Macoy, issued PD 46, criminalizing the acceptance of gifts even during Christmas by any civil servant. Madaldal athambogBato does not bother with the law, which he seems to see as an arse.He does not care if challenging to duels is a crime, or urging his men to burn the houses of druggies (what about Lola and baby?).

Digs and tutas in Imperial Manila believe they are above the law. Macoy, a certified criminal genius, would hold liable only a private person gifting a civil servant. A public official, like him and Madama, would not be liable for gift-giving. Galingtalaga. Prez-wannabe Manny Pacquiao also benefits.

On Mayor Espinosa, seemingly salvaged, Digong, quick to condemn without due process those he does not like, is also quick to absolve without any process, either, those he likes. He promises to pardon those who kill for him. But what about those who accept gifts? Is a litigant now free to give birthday and holiday gifts to decisionmakers? PD46 I do not call Palakol ng Diablo but Presidential Decree. A good one so Libingan ponente Diosdado Peralta is not wrong to say Marcos was not “a pure evil.” I say, “impure evil”. (More than one justice used “verbally” to mean “orally.” Not wrong, but imprecise as, strictly speaking, “verbal” covers both oral and spoken.)

Bato is being singled out cuz he bragged that Manny Pacquiao treated him and his family to an all-expenses-paid trip to the US. Fish caught by its mouth. We cannot have rich litigants gifting judges under the horrid incipient MadadaldalDigong-Bato Doctrine. Digs hits Noy for drug problem? Why not Doña Josefa who trafficked in drugs at Arellano High School and was arrested by would-be Manila Police Chief Telesforo Tenorio? The Marcoses were dirt-poor then (P. Mijares, The Conjugal Dictatorship 257, 1976).

Tibong Mijares’ body was never found, said to have been dropped between Manila and Guam; teenaged son Boyet’s, badly mutilated, was dropped from a chopper on May 31, 1977, in Antipolo.

We have to arrest the DECAY. Mr. Prez, change course please, for the sake of our Motherland. And my apos.

Five. I hope you know how many apos you have. Ambot? Talagang Kamandag at Kilabot. Bilib. Kudos on your move on Robin Padilla and ageing, sickly inmates.

Oh, yes, Bongbong’s near Veep win? He has billions, the Solid North, and the edge of name recall cum organizations. But he lost to an unknown obscure Bicolana with relatively no money, who would take the bus to and from Bicol, who trumped four other Bicolanos in un-Solid Bicol. I would not be as impressed as certain justices were by BB’s electoral performance./Rene Saguisag


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