Filipino National ID System Passes 2nd Reading

Filipino National ID System Passes 2nd Reading

May 23, 2015

Aliping announced the passage of the National ID system on second reading, copies of the amendments were distributed last week ready for third reading deliberation.

HB 5060 to be known as the “Filipino Identification System Act” was co-authored by Aliping and was approved. “The National ID card will help speed up government and other official transactions in lieu of other government IDs” said Aliping.

The bill will “institutionalize a national information card for all Filipinos that would ensure facilitation and streamline government transactions, and help promote a progressive society through an efficient delivery of basic services,” Aliping said.

The bill “shall gradually consolidate all existing government initiated identification system into one integrated and efficient identification system,” he said.

Aliping noted that there are many Filipinos who have no official IDs and it’s a hindrance in doing official transactions. Many official IDs need to be registered yearly.

“Section 4 of HB 5060 states that every Filipino, whether residing in the Philippines or abroad is mandated to register personal information required by the ID system and upon application shall be issued a non-transferable Filipino ID card with an ID number that shall be valid for life,” Aliping said.

“The National ID system will be the official ID card a Filipino must have, government and private establishments shall be mandated to honor it,” said Aliping.

Under the measure, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the Department of Foreign Affairs are the implementing agencies of the program tasked to create and maintain a Filipino Citizen Registry./Carl C. Taawan


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