Nais ko na ishare sa aking mga dear readers ang isang artikulo na basa ko sa aking FB, ito ay pinost ng isang Jenn Miranda na nagmula sa isang Warden Phoenix. Tutuo kaya ang lahat ng ito, o marahil ay ano ditto kaya ang mga tutuong obserbasyon. Kayo ang mag husga.


JeNn MiranDa
So am I. I do appear “ anti- Filipino “ when I point out what is wrong with “ them “ but honesty is a virtue, and truth in this case must be told. Unfortunately, they won’t even read this because another thing that’s wrong with “ them “ , is that they are lazy to self-promotion and enlightenment.

Warden Phoenix sa Pro-Pinas Pinoys
Some of the reasons why the Philippines will never achieve “1st World Status”:(At least in this lifetime)
*Filipinos NEVER learn the lessons of History, therefore, they will always be DOOMED to Repeat it.
*Majority of Filipino voters choose candidates with name recall not even bothering to check a candidate’s background, track record & platform of government offered.
*Majority of Filipino voters tragically, use EMOTIONS rather than INTELLECT in choosing candidates.
*Majority of Filipino voters do not have the mental capacity to make INTELLIGENT POLITICAL CHOICES.
*Due to the prevailing poverty, a lot of Filipino voters sold their votes in exchange for measly amounts.
*Filipinos have become highly politicized yet, do not possess the necessary political maturity.
*Majority of Filipinos cannot differentiate SUBSERVIENCE from PATRIOTISM, hence, it is expected most of them will never have a sense of PATRIOTISM.
*Filipinos sadly, may be the Most Undisciplined Race. Just look at how garbage are being thrown everywhere.
*The Filipinos’ exaggerated sense of “Gratitude” has become a hindrance to achieving Real Change.
*Majority of Filipinos do not have a sense of Heritage and Social Justice. This brings about a false sense of security and lethargy.
*Majority of Filipinos are ignorant and apathetic towards the prevailing sociopolitical & economic realities around them. As long as their family has food on the table, they won’t bother to go beyond their comfort zones.
*Majority of Filipinos would prefer to be ENTERTAINED by their favorite Tele Novelas rather than be ENLIGHTENED about their surroundings.
*The Filipinos’ fanaticism to their candidates/politicians will make them blind as bats and thus, gets easily MANIPULATED.
*Filipinos are TOO LAZY to know their Rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and to know their obligations towards the Constitution.
*Filipinos in general lack vision, determination and courage to do what Good and what is Right. Sadly, Filipinos are only compelled to action due Convenience.
*Filipinos are too cowardly to fight for what is right and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.
*Filipinos are too “REGIONALISTIC & CLANNISH”, they tend to look at others not belonging to their click with suspicion & prejudice. Because of this, they forget that they are first and foremost, Filipinos.
*Majority of Filipino voters are STUPID. (just look at our elected & appointed Public Servants). The sad part is, because of the Stupidity of the voters, the whole country suffers.
*Elected & appointed Public Servants act as if the “Public” owes them. Sadly, the Public readily agrees.
I’ll stop at this for now. I may appear Anti-Filipino or even a Prophet of Doom for writing this but I don’t give a damn. I’d rather be called that than be a False Prophet like how Public Servants deceive the people, plunder the nation’s coffer while PROSTITUTING the Constitution and the Laws of the Land for their selfish gains.
Wake up Filipinos, you had been robbed of your DIGNITY as a people!


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