For A Change

To deviate from the old practice of choosing the candidates I would vote for in the past local elections which proved to be all a flop, I have adopted the new guideposts following in selecting the candidates with better chances to do good for the interest of the city:

1. Firstly, select the problems and issues we have in the city that have remained unaddressed to this day, despite what we thought were the already perfect selection processes we made in the past elections. To cite a few, for instance:
(a) the aggravated traffic congestions in the city;
(b) the outrageous violations of moratorium in the issuance of new
franchises in BLISTT;
(c) the existence of illegal public transport conveyances particularly vans and
(d) the nauseating garbage problems;
(e) the unabashed cutting of pine trees;
(f) the deterioration of public service;
(g) the rampant corruption;
(h) the proliferation of drugs;
(i) the mounting juvenile delinquencies;
(j) the use of city roads for parking purposes;

2. Then, from the list of old candidates again wanting to try their luck in the election, choose the ones who have contributed or at least attempted their best to contribute to the solution of the problems and issues you selected (drop those who did not).

3. From among the list of new comer candidates, on the other hand, choose the ones with shown capacity and background fit to meet the tasks of solving the issues and problems you selected (make a confirmation from other sources, if needed).

4. Conduct a personal research on the moral moorings and values of the initially chosen candidates to ensure that those whom you will vote, if they win in the election, is not a gambler, a drunkard, a womanizer, corrupt, unprincipled or a mere grandstander during the whole of his term in the position.

5. Finally, if need be, abandon the thought of kinship, past and present associations or acquaintanceships with them, as a primordial consideration in giving your vote (anyway, only you and heaven will know it).

Following the above, I have selected in my case the issues bugging us most all this time— the traffic congestion in the city, the long unaddressed garbage problem and the unabashed cutting of pine trees threatening to deface the beauty of our city, not to mention accelerating the impending total effect of climate change. I shall discuss them in my subsequent articles in relation to my choices of candidates in this coming election.

I am passing these guideposts to all who may want to try it, hoping you have not adopted your own. Our sad experiences in the past tell us that it’s time to adopt new approaches in the selection of new leaders, for a change.


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