Forgive and forget, shall we?

Most of us will agree that forgiveness is one of the great deed of great people. The greatest teacher Jesus Christ never failed to teach this long time ago. Teachers of other religion never failed to do the same. We the teacher of today, try to do the same and always remind the students of the value of forgiveness. And I think that despite the fact that we know that forgiveness is good, a very few of us don’t do it.

Most recently, the Supreme Court of the Philippines released their decision that the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos has the right to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. A perfect situation to practice what we preach and to show forgiveness to what is known to be the dictator of the Philippines. And another situation where we can determine those great people who put their money where their mouth is, and to determine those who just love doing talks without action.

If we are to look at the qualifications of those who can be buried at the heroes cemetery, the late President Marcos is very qualified, as the Supreme court puts it, he is just a human like us who made a mistake but has done enough to be buried as a hero. Why don’t we take the high road of morality and show the act of forgiveness to this man and let him finally rest so we can close this chapter of our history? All of us were and are still victimized by the martial law; we are still paying the damages it created but we cannot hide the fact that he was once a good president and a veteran of WWII. Take the high road fellow Filipinos, show the highest act of forgiveness.


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