Ganza Pay Parking Nets 69K in 12 Days

Ganza Pay Parking Nets 69K in 12 Days

April 18, 2015

BAGUIO CITY – the re-opening of the Ganza area by the city government exclusively for pay parking purposes is proving good for the city’s coffers.

In the initial 12-day period of operations, the city has already collected P68,704 in pay parking fees for the Ganza area alone.

The pay parking facility started operation on April 2 to effect memorandum 079-2015 issued by Mayor Mauricio Domogan.

Domogan ordered the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) to re-open the pay parking facility to address the lack of parking spaces within the Central Business District (CBD) especially during the summer season where tourist are expected to visit the summer capital.

The facility was formerly operated by Jadewell Parking Systems Corporation for a maximum 12-year pay parking agreement signed in 2000 between the corporation and the city government.

The contract however was rescinded in 2006 due to opposition from the public of the on and off street parking scheme which resulted to the elevation of the issue into a full blown legal battle which to date is still awaiting final ruling from the Supreme Court (SC).

Recently, a proposal to transform the facility into an Amusement Garden conceptualized as a mini-carnival was approved by the City Council but was vetoed by the mayor.

Domogan cited several reasons in vetoing the council approval stating the area is identified and earmarked as a parking area and there is no question that parking is a continuing urgent need in the CBD.

There is no terms of reference to base how much the operator will pay the city government.

Prior bidding is needed before the area can be utilized for amusement rides and activities in accordance with the terms of reference as required by the Procurement System of government.

Serious issues regarding the track record or experience of Septem Adamas Corporation to operate fun rides, amusement and other carnival-like activities boiling down to public safety concerns.

Lastly, Domogan said upon consultation with the Commission on Audit (COA), approval of the Amusement Garden proposal cannot be done without the Terms of Reference (TOR) and bidding to determine the best offer.

Presently, the facility is being manned by CEPMO personnel in coordination with the City Treasury Office (CTO) for the collection of parking fees pursuant to existing rules and regulations.

The facility is presently collecting P35.00 for the first two hours of parking and P10.00 for every succeeding hour.

Pay parking collections from Burnham Park area from January to April is already totalling P1,711,217.00.

Parking fees collected goes to the trust fund to defray operational and maintenance expenses of Burnham Park./Paul Rillorta


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