Golf course to be given 10 days to secure business permit

BAGUIO CITY – With the city council approving a resolution directing the Permits and Licensing Division (PLD) of the mayor’s office to require all golf courses in the city of Baguio to secure permits to engage in business and to submit a report regarding the compliance within 15 working days, still, one golf course in the city has not secured permit.

It is remembered that there are golf courses in the city that failed to secure the mandatory business permits for its operations over the past decades, thus, depriving the city of the supposed income that it should have been derived from its operations for years.

The existing golf courses in the city are being operated by the Baguio Country Club, Camp John Hay Development Corporation and Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Corporation.

In a letter report of the PLD, Camp John Hay golf course has already complied with the Notice issued to secure business permit and arrearages, back taxes and penalties were also paid at the treasurer’s office.

On the other hand, a notice to secure business permit for the additional golf course operation of the Baguio Country Club Corporation was issued June 13. However, as of this writing, Baguio Country Club Corporation has not registered nor applied for the said required business permit to operate.

Because of this, PLD will be issuing another notice for the Baguio Country Club Corporation to apply and process the required additional business permit and will be given ten working days upon receipt to comply.

Also, the treasurer’s office will compel the same to pay back taxes, arrearages and penalties. Otherwise, an issuance of closure order for the operation of the said golf course.

Vice mayor Edison Bilog stressed, if ordinary stores are being compelled to secure permits, all golf courses operating in Baguio should do the same.

The income derived from the operation golf course activities will be utilized to augment the city’s meager resources in the implementation of development projects and at the same time improving basic delivery of services to the people, added vice. /Jho Arranz


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