Grand conspiracy to derail the May 09 polls

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…But God shows his anger from heaven against all sinful, wicked people who suppress the truth by their wickedness…” (Romans 1:18, the Holy Bible, New Living Translation).


THE REAL ISSUE ON THE HACKING OF COMELEC DATA: The real cause of concern on the hacking of voters’ data from the Commission on Elections (Comelec), uploading to the Internet and the so-called world-wide-web system the precious personal information pertaining to some 54 million or so Filipino voters, is not that Comelec data can be hacked.

It is that, the hacking seems to be part of a plan to truly derail the May 09, 2016 elections, create chaos and confusion nationwide, and make people lose their trust and confidence that the automated elections on that date will not accurately reflect the will of the Filipino people on who their next president, vice president, and other political leaders will be.

If our people are brought to a point where they are no longer willing to believe the sanctity and integrity of the May 09, 2016 polls, wouldn’t it be very easy for any interested party—whether natural or juridical—to declare the elections a failure, and, therefore, prevent a new president or a new vice president from being proclaimed and allowed to assume power?


MANEUVERS TO DERAIL THE MAY 09 POLLS: This, to me, is what is being cooked up in our country by unscrupulous people—politicians, businessmen, police and military officials—all along. The telltale signs are plainly written on the wall, so to speak, and they point to an overriding maneuvering to either prevent the elections from taking place, or to discredit its results even this early.

The very first sign that there are machinations against the holding of the May 09, 2016 elections came out two or three years ago yet, when various groups started clamoring that President Aquino should be allowed to continue being president even after June 30, 2016. Many dismissed these calls right away, in view of the Constitutional limit of six years for any president.

But then, later on, Aquino himself came out in favor of the move. That was when the same groups who had pushed for his continuing to be president earlier started clamoring for an amendment to the 1987 Constitution, presumably to change stringent economic provisions therein, but, in reality, was aimed at lifting Aquino’s six-year term limit to allow him to run again.


GRAND CONSPIRACY VS. MAY 09 POLLS: When that tack met serious opposition from many groups, it was similarly abandoned. But, clearly, the desire for the President to remain in power continued to be strong. Lately, there is a clear mind-conditioning effort by many groups intended to make people believe that there is not going to be any election on May 09.

I am referring to the on-going, recurrent, and seemingly unstoppable, brown-outs or black-outs in Mindanao and in the Visayas, and in many other parts of the country. With no electricity, the automated machines which are supposed to record, count, canvass and transmit, our votes will not be working. Indeed, there is going to be no elections if there is no electric power on May 09.

Then, we also saw the maneuver to remove the issuance by the voting machines to be used by Comelec on May 09 by the so-called “voter’s transaction receipt” that will show who the voters voted for, as well as the recent hacking of Comelec data. Undeniably, there is a grand conspiracy against the May 09 elections, and this is what a lot of people are now preparing against, really!


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