Grandma seeks support for dialysis

Milagros Tait is 62 years old, a grandmother with no means of income and has to rely on the kindness of government, relatives and strangers to survive diabetes-triggered kidney failure.

Having survived on twice-a-week hemodialysis since 2010, the mother of two and grandma to four has already used up her allotment of 90 treatment sessions per year provided by Philhealth.

It’s less than two months before the new year, when Philhealth provides another 90 sessions for 2017. Relying on the support of strangers who may read this, she hopes to get support to be able to pay her twice-a-week treatment until the new year.

“It’s in the spirit of the season that I am making this plea addressed to people who may want to celebrate the spirit of Christmas with their support,” she said.

“Client is totally dependent on her son\, Christopher George, who is a substation tender at the BENECO, noted social welfare officer Shirley Casallo. “His income could have been enough for the needs of the family but the expensive medical treatment of the client exhausted their financial resources/”

People who can help may get in touch with the patient through cellphone number 0908-5335999 or they may course their support through the dialysis center of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center. /Ramon Dacawi.


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