Halloween 2017: proof of devil’s control of mankind

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons…” (1 Timothy 4:1, Holy Bible).


HALLOWEEN 2017: PROOF OF DEVIL’S CONTROL OF MANKIND: If we consider what came out of newspapers and in social media on All Saints’ Day, November 01, 2017, it wouldn’t be difficult to see that deceiving spirits and demon-taught ideas now control the minds of many people, something which was in reality prophesied to happen as the world nears its end.

Two of these news reports are the following: “Knee cap of dead people interred in a cemetery in Surigao City are being stolen allegedly because they are considered as amulets”; “Bones of a dead father brought home by his son, so son could talk to the dead father always”.

In Facebook, on the other hand, photographs were plastered all over the site, showing people including minor children who were dressed up like the devil, and as vampires, witches, elves, and even low-lifes, accompanied by greetings of “Happy Halloween”. Clearly, for these people, their commemoration of their dead loved ones consisted of giving honor to the enemy of God, the devil.


WHY IS HONORING THE DEVIL MORE IMPORTANT TO MANY PEOPLE NOW? The question to these people is simple: during Christmas, or the day where we remember the birth of Jesus, our God and Savior, do they dress up like Him, or do they at least think, speak, act, and appear like Jesus when He was still on this world? The clear answer is, no, they don’t.

To a large degree, the only things that many remember during Christmas are the gifts, the food binges, drinking sprees with wine and liquor, outing, visiting malls and the houses of relatives and friends, with the sole objective of merry-making. The fact is that, many do not even remember going to church anymore on Christmas day to give thanks for the coming of our God and Savior.

How did this happen, that many now are deeming it more important to honor the devil than to honor God? The reason is clear: it appears that not many Filipinos these days still understand the commands and teachings of God, arising from the fact that not many of us still read His Word, the Bible.


STRAYING AWAY FROM GOD BRINGS POVERTY, DISSENSION, FAILURES: This is the reason why many Filipinos are experiencing the curses promised by God, especially the curses of poverty, dissension and anarchy, and failures in everything they do. God has gone missing in our lives, so that His blessings, guidance, and protection, are no longer with us, too, leaving only His curses with us here in the Philippines.

This is truly unfortunate, because Filipinos have always been considered as the only Christian nation—or followers of Christ—in all of Asia. If we are the Christian nation in Asia, why are we poor, full of dissension, and are failures in the many things we do?

The time has come for us to change ourselves as believers of God. Let us set aside the teachings of the devil, endeavoring to instill in our minds and in our consciousness the teachings of God. We should read, meditate on, and obey the Bible every day, diligently attending masses or praise and worship sessions, and giving our tithes and gifts to the churches. We should be doers of the Word, not simply “mouthers”, if you know what I mean.


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