Health Risks Scored in Emission Test Training

BAGUIO CITY – the city government here is stepping up its stance against air pollution citing smoke belching vehicles pose danger to health among residents here.
This was pointed out by Mayor Mauricio Domogan during the Drivers and Operators Training on emission testing last week.

Nitrogen dioxide emitted by vehicles is known to increase the risk of respiratory symptoms, cause inflammation of the airways, exacerbate asthma and reduce lung function.

This was also pointed out by City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (CESU) head Dr. Donnabel Tubera citing particulate matter or the tiny invisible specks of mineral dust, carbon and other chemicals finer than the strands of human hair are linked to heart and lung diseases as well as cancer.

Tubera said, “particulate matter lodges in the lungs while the finest particles can enter the bloodstream.”

Tubera said, “ 27 percent of the emissions of air pollutants come from transportation, 10% from agricultural, 8% from consumer and commercial products, 2% from other sources, 1% from commercial and residential heating while the biggest bulk which is 52% comes from industrial sources.”

Domogan said,” urgent and concerted action is needed to bring pollution caused by car exhaust levels down.”

As per records by the Clean Air Monitoring Unit (CAMU) of the city government, drivers and operators subjecting their vehicles to voluntary testing has increased.
Records show that in 2013, 2660 vehicles have undergone voluntary testing, out of which 2182 passed while 478 failed.

In 2014, 8724 vehicles have undergone voluntary testing, 7288 passed while 1436 failed.

Presently, 7512 vehicles have been subjected to voluntary testing, 6617 passed while 904 failed.

Moreover, since the implementation of City Ordinance Number 61 series of 2008 or the Clean Air Ordinance, the Roadside Inspection, Testing and Monitoring Team (RITMT) have monitored compliance from vehicle owners.

From October 2009 to June 30, 2015, RITMT reports out of 657 government vehicles flagged, 354 passed while 303 failed.

Out of 21,910 private vehicles, 12,705 passed while 9205 failed, out of 282 Public Buses, 186 passed while 96 failed, out of 7920 Public Jeepneys, 4564 passed while 3356 failed, out of 9686 Public Taxis, 4359 passed while 5327 failed.

For 436 Public vans apprehended, 273 passed while 163 failed, out of 118 Public School Service, 59 passed while 59 failed, out of 159 other public transport, 110 passed while 49 failed.

For motorcycles, 313 passed while 178 failed out of 491 flagged./Paul Rrillorta


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