Help Marawi

“I therefore declare that Marawi City is Liberated.” The word everyone is waiting for since the war in the city started on May 2017.

This war, that has its roots on hatred brought about by religion, had taken so many lives and has destroyed one of the most beautiful city in our country. Not only that it has left a very deep wound in the minds of everyone young or old that might be difficult to heal. It’s ironic to hear that something we thought would save lives had destroyed so many than that of it saved.

Adding insult to the pain are some our chosen leaders who tried to politicize this unfortunate situation. Now that its over, we are expecting another politicization of the matter. But as they say this is the beauty of democracy. It’s an organized pandemonium and we the common Juans are left to fix the pieces.

It is then up to us to help our brethren at Marawi start anew. We must not wait for the government to help us. As they say let us not wait for what the government can do for us. Let us do something that will help our government.

Let’s start the process of helping Marawi. Every kind of help will go a long way. Every hand extended will help ease the burden. Let’s help. It’s our duty as a citizen of this country.

I would like to end this article by congratulating our soldiers who sacrificed their life for the liberation of Marawi. You have done a lot and what you’ve done will never be forgotten. You have shown the world that we Filipinos will never bow down to any threats that will destroy this place that we call home. I salute you all.


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