Hog raisers ordered to construct septic tanks

BAGUIO CITY– Some 32 backyard hog raisers in barangay Holy Ghost Extension agreed to construct standard quality septic tanks in order to prevent the waste being generated from their piggeries from being willfully dumped in the tributaries of the Balili river that causes pollution.

During a meeting presided over by Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan and representatives from the different offices of the city government, the concerned backyard hog raisers agreed to the proposal of the local chief executive for them to construct their own standard septic tanks to serve as the outlet of their piggeries.

Furthermore, CEPMO was given three days to provide the backyard hog raisers with the appropriate design of the standard quality septic tanks in their compounds in order to minimize the pollution of the tributaries of the Balili river.

Domogan cited the hog raisers will be given one month from Tuesday to build their own septic tanks

At the same time, a monitoring team composed of representatives from the City Health Office, CEPMO, Holy Ghost Extension Barangay Council, the affected backyard hog raisers and the complaining residents.

Mayor Domogan expressed that piggeries in populated areas of the city is prohibited, thus, hog raisers must institute the construction of septic tanks to cater to the volume of waste generated by the piggeries to avoid continuous foul odor emanating from such piggeries.

He appealed to the owners of backyard piggeries to cooperate with the stringent regulations imposed by the barangays and the city government to avoid the subsequent closure of such piggeries that would deprive them their additional source of income./ Dexter A. See


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