Honest Cabbie Returns P120T Cash

Honest Cabbie Returns P120T Cash

VOL. XVIII  NO. 3 (October 25-31, 2014)

BAGUIO CITY – the city government will honor another taxi driver for honesty in returning a bag left behind by a passenger in his cab containing P120,000.00 in cash, an Ipad, sunglasses and important documents.

Vice Mayor Edison Bilog personally met with the honest cabbie on Tuesday identified as Venancio Bulatao Peralta to personally thank him for doing a good deed and proving that many taxi drivers in this mountain resort still possess integrity beyond question.

Peralta was driving a Taxi Cab with Plate Number AYS 730 last October 8 when, unknowingly a male passenger left a bag inside his cab.

Peralta said, “after ferrying a passenger last October 8 in the afternoon, he decided to call it a day and headed straight home.”

“I was feeling different that day so I decided to go home, when I was cleaning the cab I noticed that a bag was left inside the taxi so I decided to open it and see if there is an address of the owner,” he said.

Upon opening the bag, he was surprised to see a handful of cash amounting to P120,000.00, an Ipad, sunglasses and documents.

Peralta immediately searched for a number or address of the owner in order to return the bag and its contents.
“Nag-text ako sa number na nakita ko sa envelope, kaya lang hindi sumasagot kasi kala ko two yung last number yun pala seven,” he said.

His son Jhoven Barlaan Peralta helped him figure-out the number written in the envelope and they managed to contact the owner Franc Eduard Castro Hidalgo, a student.

Meantime, Hidalgo who can’t remember the plate number of the taxi where he left his bag was already feeling nervous and worried that he might not be able to recover his belongings.

“I really thought that my belongings especially the money to pay for my car is gone and it was a surprise for me to get a message from Peralta to meet him so he can return my bag, “ he said.

The following day October 9, Peralta and Hidalgo personally met where the latter handed the bag to its owner, all intact and even hesitated to accept a reward in return.

Peralta is one of the many honest residents of this city who make ends meet, eking a living through hard work yet exemplify a character worthy of respect.

The honesty of Peralta will be highlighted in a program of the city where a Resolution honouring his good deed and selfless act will be presented to him by the city government./By: Paul Rillorta


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