Honest resident commended by city

BAGUIO CITY – The City Council approved a resolution commending Mr. Dominic Naulgan for his exemplary act of honesty and magnanimity in returning the wallet of Mr.Zandro V. Atanacio containing cash, identification cards and important receipts and documents.

Atanacio, who was a former employee of the City government of Baguio and now connected with the Makati-based Office of the Solicitor-General, allegedly lost his wallet containing cash, identification cards, and important receipts upon arrival in the city several weeks ago to spend his weekend break with his family.

Naulgan, who has just resigned from his work in a convenience store, and a resident of Sto. Rosario Valley, Baguio City, found Atanacio’s wallet and immediately called his family to inform them that the lost wallet was found by him inside a convenience store.

The local legislative body cited the good heartedness of Naulgan that prevailed over his needs considering that temptation was high at that time that he just resigned from work and that such act of honesty in the midst of hardships and difficulties in life is worthy of emulation.

Atanacio narrated that he arrived in the city one weekend to join his family in celebrating his father’s birthday.

While he was having a few drinks with his friends in a bar along Leonard Wood road, he received a text message from his sister and his aunt stating that somebody found his wallet and for him to claim the same by calling the number that was in the sent messages.

He did call the given number and the person on the other side of the phone said they could meet near the area where he found his wallet.

Atanacio and Naulgan then met in a convenience store along Gov. Pack road and when he checked the contents of his wallet, everything was in order, all his identification cards, receipts, and even his cash were intact.

He added that he gave Naulgan a few hundred pesos to show his appreciation for having voluntarily returned his wallet intact but he reportedly declined the said reward or token of appreciation.

The approved resolution will be handed over to Naulgan in one of the regular flag-raising ceremonies of the city government once it will be signed by the concerned city officials to help inspire more residents to practice honesty in their lives considering that such virtue is worthy of emulation, especially by the present and future generations of Baguio residents. /By Dexter A. see#


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