How Technology Degraded Humanity

Technology is amazing! It made everything easy. We want to get information about a thing, bring out your Phone and google it. Wanna talk to someone on the other side of the world? No problem. In a swipe and a touch on the screen, you are not just talking to them you can even see them.

Things that we deemed impossible, now we say it is possible. Technology made everything easy. We can make it do our jobs, we even make it do our thinking. Truly, with it we can push the bar of possibilities to a higher degree.

Because all these visible great benefits that technology has brought to us, we have overlooked the disadvantages it has brought to our race. Nowadays, we take everything for granted as they seem to come so easy for us. Researching nowadays seemed to be so easy that after using the information you had, it so easy to forget them. Compare it 15 to 20 years ago where in you really had to focus all your energy searching for the information you need in the book. The retention of the knowledge you will get will linger for quite a long time as you have involve every part of you in the research. Maybe that is the reason why older generation remembers more valuable information than the younger ones.

Technology has taken out our immersion to the process of doing things. We don’t really care how one thing is made. We just care that it is there for us to use it when we need it. It remove our appreciation of what nature or God has given to us. When we don’t want things the way they were, we change it by all means necessary. We don’t want our face, we do surgery. We don’t want a part our body, we remove or alter it in way it looks good on us and most especially it should look good in the eyes of other people.

In a way, technology has altered our standard for happiness, and standard in life in totality. It made it shallow, and dependent on other peoples opinion. It made it anchored in a gooey standard that changes from time to time. It made human its slave. The sad reality is that we brought ourselves to this sad state it looks like we don’t have any plan of getting ourselves free.


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