How to Deal with Success

What we hear a lot from inspirational speakers to authors, pastors and priest. And oh even teachers is the how of becoming a successful person. If we are to count the advices they gave it would be more than the population of the people in the World.

What was left out is the lesson on how to deal or manage success. As we move forward in this life we must have a lesson or two on dealing with success. As the reason to doing so is innumerable. Though countless as it is, here are some of the common reasons:

When people get to the plateau of success that is where he is most vulnerable. Everyone would like to get a piece of you. Everyone wants to ride with you and every predator has their eye on you. And most of all, the things you see may not be as real as they seemed.

Because of this, it is then empirical to know some tips on how to deal with success. First things first, you must always be rooted to your faith in God. With this you are always guided on your way thru His words. Secondly, no matter how high you’ll go you must always keep your feet on the ground. As they say if your feet is on the ground you will never fall. Thirdly, as you reach the plateau of success you must always listen. Listen to advices, from the experienced people and your spiritual guidance. Listen criticisms as they are the ones that can guide you in moving forward. As painful as they are it will always teach you something. And of course listen to the inner voice in you it is your personal guide in navigating life’s highway.

So brothers and sisters, go forth. Work hard and smart to achieve success and once you’re there be smart in dealing with success.#


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