IDIOTIC Discrimination; Afraid of Mark Go!!!

I am now certain that the persons behind the creation of the following blog and Facebook page:,, definitely have nothing more worthy against candidate Mark Go. Oh my Lord, is that all you have, dishing out extremely shallow and baseless (negative/black) propaganda? (I say baseless because there is not even an iota of supporting docs.) Claims on Mark Go’s alleged corruption, poor health, being a Tarlaqueno, etc. (What are they going to criticize next, the length of his dick?!?!). To the readers of this column, if you have nothing better to do, check out the web pages I mentioned.

The question at this point is, who is most likely behind this? We can simply just speculate at this point between either the Aliping or Vergara camps as they would obviously be the beneficiaries. Although, examination of the FB page would show that most of the adherents or those who like the FB page are from the Aliping Camp.

Well, I don’t blame the people at the Aliping camp to be scared shit of Mark Go, given the 2,800 votes difference during the last elections. Despite the claim that they had the blessing of the INC that had an estimated 5K to 7K (possible swing votes), the difference was only 2,800 votes. Oh Diyos por santo, maraming hindi na makatulog ng mahimbing sa ngayon. Unfortunately, for the Aliping camp, the numbers and the scenario have changed. While it is a fact that they are right now loaded with money, it would seem that this is their only asset, actually. While I am of the belief that money is the most important factor, it is not everything. The bottomline would be mape-pera ba nila ang majority ng botante that they need to win? Of course registered voter base has now increased to 140,000+, and with a high voter turnout of 80% (wishful thinking) that would mean 112,000 voters. For Aliping to clinch it would mean a record 50% of actual voters or 56,000 voters. Mukhang, may kataasan ‘ata ito, given the numerous issues and very bad reputation of Aliping, plus given the beneficiaries of actual accomplishments. (I call this the “spread the sunshine” factor, konti lang kasi sa masa ang nakinabang at puros crony-contractors lang ni Aliping nakinabang).

Of course the masa or as they are led to believe, their kailyan factor ang dadala sa kanila. Well, let us see about that. I have more faith in the Igorots and I certainly would not want to insult them by thinking that simply because Aliping is Torogi will they vote him (this is certainly true if Aliping’s record is good).

In fact, my better half is a full blooded torogi from Mountain Province, and I promise that I will do my best to the best of my ability to try and convince their kailyans, etc, not to vote for Aliping.

Just to set the record straight, I am not and will most likely will not endorse and/or campaign for either Vergara or Go. I have trust in our voters. They are now more discerning at our local level.

Now to zero in on the EXTREME IDIOT(S) WHO CREATED THAT BLOG AND FB PAGE, allow me to comment.

Your attempt at fantasy script writing is extremely pathetic and extremely shameful, you have no talent and/or ability to speak of in this line, perhaps you are better off licking Aliping’s dirty a _ _ and s_ _ _ _ _ g his d _ _ _ . The baseless and shameless ideas thrown in both the FB and the blog are worst than cat shit.

So what if Mark Go is from Tarlac, Vergara is from Tubao, La Union and Aliping is from Mountain Province.

Unlike us, when we point out (or you may even call it attack) certain candidates, it is always with factual basis and not just simply inuendos, chismis , kwento-kwento at bali-balita lang. We at this paper and at Linis Gobyerno are not like that. We have never been like that. We will never be like that/those pathetic shit-head(s) who created that blog and FB page, and for as long as there is basis in fact, puwede naming banatan!!!

I actually only sympathize, with some of the A1-Pnoy candidates who joined Aliping for reasons only God and themselves would know. My thinking is simply because of association with the wrong person, their showing this coming elections would be worse than should be. Yung isa sa kanila pastor-pastoran pa, yun isa naman, hindi na inisip yung magandang pangalan na pinundar ng kanyang ama at angkan, tsk! tsk! tsk! Elections truly brings out the best and worst in those that lust for power and money!!!


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