Igorot karateka continues humanitarian mission

Financial support to three patients at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center marked the latest humanitarian homecoming here of former world karate champion Julian Chees.

While here on a twice-a-year homecoming last April, Chees was guided by social worker Rhea Tabor of the BGHMC in extending a total of P20,000 worth of medicines to the three patients confined at the medical center.

Support of P10,000 was extended to four=month old Emmanuel dela Cruz of Sta. Maria, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao who was confined for brain abscess formation.

Support of P7,000 was given for seven-year old Sarah Dulce Bautista, a seven-year old girl from St. Patrick, San Carlos Heights, Baguio City who was confined at the pediatric intensive care unit for cerebral palsy, epilepsy and hepatic encephalopathy.

Since January this year, Chees, a former member of the German National Karate Team and now a respected instructor of the Japan Karate Association of Germany, used up P155,194. 60 as support to patients in the Cordillera.

From last December, Chees extended medical support of P50,000 for the eye operation of Gaspar Kawaren of Bontoc, Mt. Province; P10,000 to dialysis patient Romeo Garcia of Mankayan, Benguet; P20,000 to Marilou Pakias; and P2,314.35 tp the Kawaren family of Bontoc, Mt. Province.

The former world champion in kata also used up P25,000 for a village parachute for Maligcong Villa here in Baguio.

A native of Maligcong, Bontoc, Mt. Province, Chees was one of the outstanding students of the late Shihan Kunio Sasaki who established the JKA in the Philippines, and Edgar Kapawen Sr., chief instructor of the JKA chapter based at the YMCA olf Baguio.

In keeing with the tenests of his discipline, the Igorot karateka established over 10 years ago Shoshin Kinderhilfe, a humanitarian foundation extending support to the needy in his native Cordillera region. /Ramon Dacawi.


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