Implicating CA Justice Daughter is Foul

Implicating CA Justice Daughter is Foul

April 18, 2015

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light…” (Romans 13:12, the Holy Bible).


SO WHAT IF DAUGHTER OF CA JUSTICE IS PARTNER IN A LAW FIRM? Pardon me, but I believe that it is pure and simple malicious speculation to be dragging the name of a daughter of a Court of Appeals justice who is being accused of having received some P25 million into the controversy occasioned by the Court of Appeals’ stopping the Ombudsman suspension of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Junjun Binay.

So what if the daughter of the justice is a partner in a Makati City law firm whose founder is accused by Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV as having facilitated the payment of some P50 million to the two appellate court justices (one of whom allegedly is the father of the law firm)? Is that even important in determining the truth of Trillanes’ accusations against the justices?

In the hustle and bustle of news reporting on important events, it would always do well for all of us to always remember to stick by the facts and avoid speculations that could unjustly and unfairly tarnish reputations. Unless there is clear evidence of wrongdoing, it is the obligation of the media personality to avoid ascribing that wrongdoing to anyone.


“LIQUID ECSTASY” AND GODLESSNESS: How come drug use and abuse, such as the use and abuse of what is now being called as “liquid Ecstasy” by the National Bureau of Investigation, seems to be proliferating and gaining ground here in the Philippines? For the same reason that HIV/AIDS is now on the rise among male homosexuals in the country.

It is not really because there is a harder push by those who benefit economically to make more Filipinos use or imbibe illegal drugs. It is simply because our people themselves, as a whole, now have a more open mind about engaging in mischief and outright crimes, including drug use and abuse.

Why is this happening? Simple. Because many have become either godless, or, though they still profess to believe in God, have become mere believers in word, and no longer in action. Nobody reads the Bible anymore. Nobody talks about God anymore. Now, if nobody is reading the Bible anymore, and nobody is talking about God anymore, guess who we are growing up with?


LEADERS MUST HAVE AGENDA OF GOD: This is the reason why I have always been vocal, for as long as I can remember now, about our leaders in government, politics, business, and in society as a whole, as having an agenda of God and spirituality. It is only when our leaders have fear and love of God in their hearts that they can really govern along the straight path of success and victory.

Leaders who fear and love God will not steal, will not lie, and will not cheat (with apologies to the Philippine Military Academy). Leaders who are godless will steal, will lie, and will steal. Just look around the country today and we will not fail to see the truth in this. From the national government down to local government units, everybody is stealing and lying and cheating.

But leaders become mischievous only because we, as a people, are ourselves godless and spiritually-wayward. That is why, the advice had always been for the people to aspire for righteousness and godliness the true way—reading and studying and obeying the Bible, at all times and at all cost. The only problem is that, there are not so many Filipinos who are doing this now! Sad. Very sad!


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