In a Hurry to get things done

“Ang naglalakad ng mabilis, kung matinik ay malalim.” “Anything rushly done no matter how good it is won’t work well in the long run.”

I can go on and on and tell you stories related to doing things in a rush that did not result well but I know my point was clear already. Unfortunately, this seem to be not the case in the congress as they are seriously speeding up the process of constitutional convention. Everybody is in a hurry to get it done. Well, this can be the first time that a system of government is working fast though the thing they’re working on requires extra careful deliberation and extra careful means taking enough time to fix the kinks.

I’d agree that the kind of government that we have today must be changed but rushing to act on it will make the system faulty to the point of bringing us down to destruction. One of the main reason CHACHA should not be rushly done is that the people themselves have no idea what it is. Like what Atty. Panelo said, we need to educate the masses before getting through it. In Lourd De Vera’s Word of the Lourd, he showed that many filipinos don’t even know what is federalism.( Surprising as the survey showed that majority of Filipinos are in favor of the Federal System of Government) If this is the case, then rushing this CHACHA would only mean one thing, a hidden agenda.

What is it? Are they creating a system that would only benefit them that we will only discover it after it is too late? Are they trying to install protection for them on this system they are rushing to create? Past experience would tell us that the probability of that happening is high. Take the DepEd’s K-12 as an example, it was rashly implemented that 6 years after its implementation, materials that should be used in teaching is not yet available. The teachers in the front line are already having hard time dealing with all the problem this rashly implemented program brought. The creators of it, are getting praise for conforming in an international system of education, an American Standard so to speak, while the teachers are creating something out of nothing just to make the system work.

So my appeal to our fellow Filipino is let us be more vigilant on what is happening in our government. It is so funny that in the Mr. De Vera’s program when the people were asked about Federalism they didn’t have any idea about it but when they were asked about showbiz personality their faces glowed with interest about it and they had a lot to say. A very alarming situation. It is like we are letting this people in the government run our life where in the fact of the matter is that we are suppose to be running the government. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

On another related but a bit different note, the legislative is so fast in this CHACHA deliberation that it alarms me and ironically the Judicial branch is moving so slovenly also at an alarming rate. What is happening with the issue of Maguindanao Massacre, PDAF Scandal, and most recently the issue on our SAF 44 heroes?

This week marked their 3rd anniversary and I have yet to hear a good news on their case. As a Filipino who love his country so much, I can only hope that Justice will be served for them. If this self-serving, chaotic government system won’t give them, I know God will in his own mysterious ways.


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