In Celebration of the 2nd Anniversary of AJODABI

As we celebrate the 2nd founding year of the Alliance of Jeepney Operators and Drivers Associations in BLISTT, there are many reasons for us to be happy about, as we reminisce our achievements in the first two challenging years of its existence.

For one, the Alliance has stood proudly propped up by its initial fifteen (15) founding Associations, contrary to the prediction that it won’t last a year owing to the perceived image of invincibility of FEJODABB-LU. As it is, the Alliance or Alyansa now consist of twenty six (26) associations with about 2,500 individual operator and driver members and counting, while FEJODABB-LU’s members have changed allegiances.

Secondly, the Alliance has shown it could continuously hold 24 monthly meetings with consistent quorums except one due to foul whether in July. This is a testimony and proof of its willingness to survive and to continue its existence.

Thirdly, we should be happy we discovered that the Alliance could handle its finances without a centavo missing or unaccounted for— the otherwise reason for the downfall of many PUJ Associations and Federations in Baguio.

Fourthly, that the intra-city and inter-municipality PUJ members can co-exists and accommodate each other, notwithstanding Resolution Nr. 115, Series of 2014 passed by the City Council, requiring the inter-municipality jeepneys not to pick up passengers inside the city routes proper.

Most importantly, we should also be glad of the fact that the officers and members have effectively handled the affairs of the Alliance themselves without the active participation of its Adviser who initially managed its affairs for a year.

As regards the important objectives and purposes of the Alliance, particularly the adoption of Special Rates of Fare for PUJs in BLISTT and the cleansing of irregularities in the ranks of transportation authorities, like the battling of corruption and fixing activities that caused the present state of traffic congestion and prevailing thousands of illegal franchises in Baguio City, they will hopefully be achieved in due time given the willingness of the officers and members of the Alliance to do so, under the atmosphere of straight governance by the present administration.

For all these, my congratulations to the officers and members of the Alliance who all made the foregoing deeds possible and hopefully, will achieve the other purposes in due time. Again, Congratulations!


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