Inane solutions to “tanim bala” and other scams

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons…” (1 Timothy 4:1, the Holy Bible).


INANE SOLUTIONS TO “TANIM BALA” AND OTHER SCAMS: I am amazed at the inane proposals that are now coming out in an attempt to put up a stop to the “tanim bala” scandal that is shaming President Aquino and the Aquino government and the whole Filipino nation worldwide, in a disgraced extent never before seen in the history of the Philippines.

I say inane, because the offered solutions, principal of which is the reshuffle of government officials assigned at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, are no solutions at all. In fact, they have been resorted to before, when lesser scandals hit the NAIA, but nothing good ever came out of them.

What then must really be done if we are to stop the graft and corruption among government officials and employees? I am now a “broken record” on this, but never mind, I will repeat what I said several times before already: bring back our people to spirituality, to the true fear and love of God, through an honest-to-goodness reading and obeying of the Word of God, the Bible.


WHY HAVE FILIPINOS BECOME DEVILISH? Again, let me ask: why do our officials and employees of government now have a very strong stomach for stealing, for cheating, and for lying? Why do most Filipinos now easily and conveniently commit crimes and other misdeeds just to enable them to earn a few thousand pesos?

Why do many fathers now have the evil desire to rape their very own daughters? Why do mothers now have the gall to induce a miscarriage of the babies in their wombs and then simply throw them away in garbage cans or in canals?

Indeed, many Filipinos have become worse than the devil himself in their everyday lives. They now have the willingness to kill, to steal even from the poor and from defenseless children and women, and to encourage others to be criminals like them. Really, what has happened to the Filipino?


BEING EVIL IS NOW ACCEPTED NORM: Being evil in everything that we do now seems to be the accepted norm among all Filipinos. From the rich and the mighty, to the poor, the marginalized, the downtrodden. From the highest government officials, to the lowest official functionaries. From the religious to the atheists to the agnostics. No one appears to desire anymore to do God’s will.

We have been told this is going to happen. We have been told many people will turn away from God and godly behavior. We have been told many of us will no longer be interested in sound teaching, but would rather follow deceiving and evil spirits. We know what the penalty would be for all this ungodly conduct, which is death in eternal fire, yet we don’t even seem to care anymore.

I am fervently praying that Filipinos would wake up from this malady. But then, this waking up can only happen if we go back to God by reading and obeying His Bible all over again. I pray to God that His chosen and anointed ones will start making their moves, before it is too late.


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