Increase in allowance of health workers proposed

BAGUIO CITY – The city council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance increasing to five thousand pesos the regular monthly allowance of all barangay nutrition scholars (BNS), barangay nutrition action officers (BNAOs) and barangay health workers (BHWs) in the city amending for the purpose, Section 2 of Ordinance No. 24, series of 2013.

The ordinance authored by Councilor Leandro B. Yangot, Jr. said that the increase in the allowance of BNS, BNAOs and BHWs otherwise known as barangay health professionals from P3,500 to P5,000 monthly shall take effect next year.

Yangot claimed the barangay health professionals are the unsung heroes in the city as they regularly attend to the health programs and projects not only of the city but also of the barangays in order to make sure that the population is healthy.

He explained that with the limited personnel of the city health services office, it is quite impossible for the said office to implement its programs and projects in all the 128 city barangays, thus, the need for the support of the BNs, BNAOsandBHWs in order for the priority health programs to reach the targeted beneficiaries on the ground.

Yangot pointed out the hiring of the barangay health professionals had immeasurably contributed in the improvement of the delivery of health care services at the grassroots level making the city one of the best implementers in health and nutrition in the country.

“We had been praised for this feat by concerned government agencies nationwide as shown by the many health and nutrition awards and recognitions garnered by the city in the regional and national levels,”Yangot stressed.

While the monthly stipend of the barangay health professionals was increased to P3,500 per month pursuant to Ordinance No. 24, series of 2013, the councilor said that their current allowance is not even enough to cover their transportationrelated to their business of transacting with the different government offices, the increases in the prices of basic commodities, and all other expenses incurred in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities.

According to him, it is but proper to legislate for an increase in the regular allowance for all of the barangay health professionals to P5,000 per month to be included in the regular budget next yet to further boost their morale, refuelling and revitalizing their commitment, dedication and determination, to deliver the most needed health care services to the grassroots and to at least help them cope with the present economic situation.

Yangot further proposed that a future improvement in the financial condition of the city should also see increases in the allowances of the barangay health professionals.

He said that if the local government wants the famous adage, ‘health is wealth’ to perpetually prevail in the city, it is important for the local government to give full support for this sector in terms of appropriate compensation for them to be able to provide optimum service to their clients./By Dexter A. See


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