Instructions for Tree-Cutting Permit

Instructions for Tree-Cutting Permit

September 27, 2014

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week rued the guidelines being used for tree-cutting, saying the safety of people and property could be sacrificed by the delay of issuance of said permit.

Speaking during the weekly media Ugnayan at city hall, the mayor said imminent danger should be the measuring stick for the immediate issuance of emergency tree-cutting permits. Photos of falling, fallen or dead trees; titles, authorization and other documents are required needed for tree-cutting permits. Acquisition of said documents could take some time, it was known.

The mayor was asked as to the case of fallen trees and branches, during and after Typhoons Luis and Mario which struck the city recently. Emergency tree-cutting permits should be issued for these, he said.

In the case of Camp John Hay, with a multi-monitoring team; tree-cutting could be immediate. Being considered is the mentioned danger posed by falling or dead trees; the salvaged main trunk and branches of fallen trees could be used as furniture or firewood, and cutting of diseased trees could mean saving more of the trees in the vicinity, Mayor Domogan said.

Removal of diseased trees would contain or control the spread of plant sickness, he emphasized. Time is of the essence, in all the cases presented, he added.
The need to validate a report for the cutting of a tree, by a third party, means the safety of people and property is being sacrificed, the mayor said.

An authority to sign the permits if the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Regional Director is indisposed is also requested by the mayor./juliegfianza


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