Integrated vector management vs dengue up in Tabuk hot spots

CITY OF TABUK, Kalinga – With the upsurge in dengue cases with one reported death in the province this year, the Provincial Health Office (PHO) recently launched the Integrated Vector Management against mosquitoes in identified hot spot barangays.

Jose Pardito, PHO Dengue Prevention and Control Program Coordinator, said the measure involves clearing of mosquito breeding sites, larval survey to positively identify presence of mosquito larvae in an area and conduct of massive spraying of anti-mosquito larvicide.

On top of this, eradication of adult mosquitoes through misting is up in Barangay Bulanao, an identified hot spot area with 120 dengue cases, the highest in the City’s 484 cases from January to August this year.

Tabuk is the most endemic site in the province so the City Health Office (CHO) targets to conduct misting operation in at least 19 barangays where dengue cases were reportedly high.

Smith Dawaton of the CHO advised residents to clean their surroundings first before spraying shall be done otherwise it will be useless. Health authorities are strict in the ‘no clearing, no spraying’ policy. (JDP/LL-PIA CAR, Kalinga)


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