Involving Filipinos’ Global Pursuits through the British Council

Involving Filipinos’ Global Pursuits through the British Council

March 14, 2015

“The empires of the future are empires of the mind.” — Winston Churchill

Like other citizens in this planet, Filipinos dream to transcend around the world- their reasons: the desire to look for a greener pasture or to be globally competitive. In their inquests to achieve, emerge unexpected failures. But the dreams don’t cease from those points of failures. There could be other chances to replace what went wrong. The cultural-friendly services, the British Council offers could be the best solutions to move on further.

The best way to travel the globe to create a difference in achieving dreams as smoothly as Filipinos can is through undertaking legitimate procedures. Filipinos can have these lifetime experiences by interlinking their interests to an equal –opportunity organization famously known as the British Council. The British council is not a an agency for employment and overseas studies, but it directs to acquire knowledge on how one moves to perform the necessary methods to succeed.

Primarily, the British Council is a non-profit organization extended by the UK (United Kingdom) Educational Council. It welcomes world citizens’ opportunities on varied aspects like: world-class overseas studies, internationally-recognized knowledge certifications, English language acquisition, management skills, and humanities or art education without discrimination. It has been conceived in 1991 with its ultimate goal through the establishment of many branches throughout the world.

The significant features which contributed to the British council as an agent of global change among Filipinos and to all citizens of the world could be perceived in the following:

Language development among the students and professionals through the Cambridge University designed examinations for teacher certifications and students proficiency in the English language. The likes of Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), Business English, English proficiency Certificates, Professional Development Certifications and workshops for teachers, Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults (CELTA) and Diploma for English Language Teaching for Adults(DELTA) among other offered certifications made available through their programs or by public demand. It is an expected fact that in the international scene, the British Council has been supportive to dynamically-minded individuals who conveniently and successfully studied abroad. It also pushed some Filipino teachers to earn certifications and other academic credentials to teach English globally of which elucidates that these credentials are internationally recognized by world’s academic institutions propelling the success of overseas language educators. Additionally, one English-language related examination is the APTIS which is a business-to-business invention that is used by organizations and institutions to benchmark or standardized the English language levels of their employees, recruits, students or teachers.
In the field of business management, corporate training consultancy is a main concern of the British council’s services where businesses processing outsourcing or subcontracting are enhanced. Many managers in the Philippines and from around the world have benefited from this knowledge aside from their improved organizational leadership and corporate communication best practices which are usually conducted on-site through the organizations’ discretion to invite the council.

It offers IELTS (International English Language Testing System) which empowers Filipinos to live study and work globally depending on the acquired results of any candidate who took the examination. It is also advisable to say that the British Council is a trusted organization where IELTS examination could be undertaken through its conveniently slated timetables catering to examinees throughout the year.

To add, British council offers Professional University Examination as authorized by United Kingdom’s major examination boards and universities. Skills enhancement in the performing arts are catered through the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Royal Schools of Music (RSM).For professional advancement, Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) is administered for those interested in medicine, veterinary and other related courses in UK universities. English Literature Admission Test (ELAT) is also offered to students who plan to enter University of Oxford to earn degrees in English and literature. Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is a method to gauge the critical thinking of clients who intend to enter University of Oxford for philosophy, Politics and Economics or Economics and Management degrees.

British Council’s favorable constant practice of these services with the element of trust among countries around the world where it opened its doors has one absolute aim and that is to build cultural relations.

As a country of Southeast Asia, we are among the fortunate ones for having this proximity- established British Council serving our territory opposed to other nations where man-made conflicts bar its entrance. We have an edge to design the future we longed for. Why not take the chance?/


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