Is Pacquiao a dumbhead or he just wants to humor us???

In the recent senate committee hearing chaired by Sen. Lacson just last Thursday, one of the guests at the hearing was Ms Aiza Seguerra, Chairperson of the National Youth Commission (NYC). What happened was after Pacquiao addressed the NYC Chair, Pacquiao stated that he does not know how to address Ms Seguerra on whether or not he should call her Miss or Mr to which some of the crowd, and I think even some of the Senators laughed. Jesus Christ, it is truly sad that Juan dela Cruz has to cough out hundreds of millions to finance some of these truly nincompoop senators!

When I actually heard Pacquiao’s comments, I must admit that I too had a knee-jerk reaction on my part that sort of found it funny. But of course, if it were said in a private company as backdoor humor, I too may have found Pacquiao’s comments as sort of humorous. But for Pacquiao to have made such remarks at a senate public hearing before national TV, simply tells me that this guy Pacquiao still has a lot to learn, at hilaw na hilaw pa para sa Senado at marahil ay itong si Pacquiao ang isang magdadala ng malaking kahihiyan sa Senado. That’s why Pacquiao is better off taking the stance of some previous Senators who happen to be part of the committee on silence, while taking to heed the saying that less talk = less mistakes, and no talk = no mistakes.

At any rate, having said my 2 cents, in answer to my question if Pacquiao is a dumbhead or just wants to humor us, my take is he certainly is not a drumhead. On the contrary, I believe he is one very smart guy, having gotten this far, and given the fact that he has his supposed to be learned staff to brief him on how to properly address resource persons of various gender at the Senate. Therefore, I believe Pacquiao was just trying to be funny at the expense of others, the LGBT sector in particular, a sector I must say has no love lost for him after his not-so-long ago same sex marriage remarks that gained international notoriety. Sooner than later, Pacquiao may be in for a big surprise from the LGBT sector, a sector I don’t think he would truly want to piss off.


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