It’s About Time!

It’s about time! This is long overdue and it has to be done now.

This week, President Rodrigo Duterte said he is contemplating of issuing a proclamation categorizing the NPA as a terrorist. It’s a bit late I suppose, as the US already put this group in their list since 2002.

It’s quite difficult to understand the ideology that this group stands for. Since their time of existence, a lot of Human Rights violations has been committed by them. They have caused chaos to the life of ordinary people and still they claim that they are for the poor and unrepresented class of the Filipino people.

This group is acting like a spoiled brat. They say they are against this corrupt government but they have their people working for the government taking money from the government and enjoying the benefits that is coming from the government that they are trying to destabilize. They say they would like to have peace talk and the battle with the government then they would conduct ambush and would kill helpless law enforcers mercilessly. They would extort big companies and claim they are collecting revolutionary tax or would say they want to stop this company for whatever reason and if they’re not satisfied they will destroy facilities just to get the attention of the masses.

We can talk about these atrociousness all day but what was laid out is enough for us to question whether this group must be tagged as a terrorist or not. The evidence is right in front of our eyes. Be the Judge.


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