“Keep Right” along sidewalks and overpasses pushed

BAGUIO CITY – It has been observed that the city government of Baguio is experiencing human congestion problem along the sidewalks and overpasses, thus, mayor Mauricio Domogan encourages the public to abide with the “Keep Right” regulation.

The city has already started the “Keep Right” painting along the sidewalks of the central business districts and soon to paint along the overpasses.

With the said paintings along the sidewalks and overpasses, human congestion most especially during rush hours of the day is expected to be relieved and improved.

“We have to start disciplining ourselves now. At dapat sana tayo, pag may nakita rin tayong mga pasaway, dapat na pagsabihan din natin sila. If we can do that, it will form part of our habit to keep right,” stressed Domogan.

Apart from the Baguio residents, a significant number of students from the different provinces and countries get here in the city, being the center of education entire the Philippines. Various traders and visitors, among others also draw in this mountain resort/Jho Arranz


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