Kidney patient pleads for help

BAGUIO CITY – A kidney patient has sounded SOS anew to augment his resources to sustain his twice-a-week hemodialysis.

Cedric Waig, 55 of Camp 7, a former construction laborer who was forced to quit his back-breaking job after being diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease, appealed anew to Samaritans for assistance to tide him over the costly kidney cleansing procedure.

His wife Margarita said they only depend on the meager income of their two sons who also do construction works for their daily needs but there is no spare amount for his husband’s treatment and medicines.

She said their relatives extend help from time to time but it is limited since they too have their own families to support.

“(Mr. Waig’s) is a case of a client who was inflicted with an ailment that upsets the family financially and emotionally. The family members are supportive of each other and they are doing all means to meet the medical expenses of the client but they financially incapable thus, they seek assistance from welfare agencies,” the office of the city social welfare and development noted of his case.

Those willing to help the family may contact Margarita through cel no. 09187888429./PIO


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