Lawmaker on LTO’s Refusal to Postpone “No Plate, No Travel” Policy Implementation

Lawmaker on LTO’s Refusal to Postpone “No Plate, No Travel” Policy Implementation

April 25, 2015

We need a government that will make a real change in people’s lives, not make their lives harder.

It is, therefore, regrettable that LTO chooses not to help itself and in the process relieve the public of the stress and inconvenience caused by its officials’ inefficiency and failure to serve the agency’s mandate.

We all know there is the law and our people also know that it’s LTO that created the problem because it could not provide the plates within 7 days early on. And LTO is being given a chance to put its house in order through the suggested moratorium.

The insistence of LTO officials to make law abiding taxpayers suffer for their inefficiency, will not be taken lightly by our people.

If LTO insists on punishing taxpayers, then our people have the right to hear LTO officials explain their inefficiency to them.

Our people also have the right to know who created this problem, who must face the administrative cases, and who decided not to provide our people the relief they deserve.

We’ll also wait for their explanation during the budget hearing to determine what kind of budget it deserves given what the taxpaying citizens are made to suffer, from late delivery of plates to late issuance of license cards, because of LTO officials’ inefficiency and incompetence./Reference: Communications Office of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano. Contact 0917-814-1703 (Ms. Cherry Dacanay) and 0917-633-05349 (Ms. Ofel Rodeles)


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